How to blend Hair Extensions in thin hair


Hair extensions are meant to provide volume and length to your hair in case you have thin or short hair. When it comes to hairstyles, hair extensions provide you the little extra that you always need.

But sometimes we find it difficult to blend hair extensions in thin hair seamlessly.

Diva Divine is here to help you out to blend hair extensions seamlessly and easily in your thin hair to enjoy the best experience of our premium hair extensions :

  1. Choose the right hair extensions: Make sure that the extensions you use are not bulky and are not too many sections into one piece. Choose small pieces so that they also hold on well to your hair and don't appear bulky. This is a plus point that Diva Divine offers you because we provide hair extensions in different pieces that can spread throughout the head and also have a silk base.
  2. Form a strong grip: To make sure that the hair extensions don't feel too heavy and stay well on the hair, use hair spray near the roots and tease the roots a little. It will form a strong grip for the clip-in hair extensions and will also be comfortable to wear! Using this technique you can also apply Diva Divine's ear-to-ear piece of hair extensions.
  3. Find your safe zone: The safe zone is the area of the head from where the extensions are not seen. It could be the lower side of the head, or the middle part, depending on the size of your head. Go ahead and try various areas and find the zone most suited to you. It may take a while to finally figure it out, but it's the most important step! The area between your ears is often the safest zone to apply your Diva Divine Hair Extensions.
  4. Spread the hair extension pieces: Use small sections of your hair extensions on those areas which have very less volume. For every girl, those areas would be different so it completely depends on you where you want to use them. You can choose how many ever Diva Divine Hair Extensions pieces as you like depending on your need.
  5. Styling the hair extensions: Add mild waves or curls to your hair extensions to give them a natural look. This way they will get perfectly blended with your natural hair and will not appear to be alien-like. Your Diva Divine Hair Extensions won't be damaged and you're free to style them the way you want, even like your own hair!

Now that you know how you can blend in your Diva Divine Hair Extensions in thin hair as well, visit our website www.divadivinehair.com or our store to select the best hair extensions for yourself.

Do let us know how you like to blend and style your Diva Divine Hair Extensions!


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