The Tied Hair Look!

The struggle of managing long hair is real but we still can't say no to it. In this heat we not only want to wear comfortable clothes, but we also need our hair to be in the most comfortable and manageable way. But that doesn't mean we can't style our hair in different ways!

Diva Divine is here to show you ways in which you can tie your hair up, and still rock every look!

The complete up-do

The first look is the simplest! All you need to do is just tie all your hair up into a ponytail! Make sure that the ponytail is high enough to create a dramatic look. Also, clip in suitable Diva Divine Hair Extensions according to the length that you desire because they give your hairdo an extra fancy touch. In case you wish to attend a function, just curl this ponytail from the bottom and you're done!

The No-Band

The struggle of a ponytail is the most when that hairband is too tight! So to keep that away, how about we create a ponytail with hairpins? Apply the Diva Divine Hair Extensions in your hair and then pull your front section at the back and pin it together. Now all the hair that's left out can be pinned exactly at that place to create a wider looking low-ponytail.

Accessorize it

A plain look with tied up hair is too simple and we often want to style it up a little more. Create a usual half-up ponytail with your favorite Diva Divine Hair Extensions for added length and volume. And now just tie up your favorite scarf or handkerchief around that ponytail. It's that simple! You can even go for a half-up messy bun and create the same look.

Half-up Fishtail

The half-up hairstyle doesn't only look good with a ponytail, but can also to taken to a whole new level with a fishtail braid! Tie up your hair into a half-up ponytail and loosen up the rubber band a little. Now divide the upper portion of the band from the center and twist the ponytail inward. Go on to create a sleek fishtail with this pony and create a cool new look! Diva Divine Hair Extensions will help your fishtail look more thick and voluminous, so don't miss out on that!

If you're also the kind of girl who loves tied up hair in summers, then comment below and let us know what are the beautiful hairstyles that are your favorites!

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