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2 Clip Side Patch

Rs. 3,750.00
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Diva Divine’s 2 clip side patch adds instant length and volume to various areas of your hair. If you are looking to add volume to certain areas of your hair, the 2 clip side patch is the right choice for you. Made of 100% human hair, it blends seamlessly with your natural hair giving them a natural look in just minutes! Color it, highlight it, as it blends with your hair completely.

Weight : 25gms
Colours AvailableNatural,1, 1B,1B/2, 2,3,4,5,6

  • High-quality material used
  • Made of 100% human hair
  • No need to visit the salon as it is easy to install at home by yourself
  • Can be colored
  • Can be curled
  • Safe to use heating tools
  • Saves time
  • Tangle free

Other Information

Clip-in hair extensions are the best option as they are simply clipped into your hair like any regular hair clip. Additionally, since you are not sleeping with the extensions in or wearing them non-stop for a long period of time, this reduces the amount of pulling and stress on your hair, which results in healthier hair. Clip-in hair extensions cause absolutely no damage to your hair.

Customer Ask

01. How long does hair patch last?

A hair patch is smaller than a traditional wig and is designed to sit on a bald patch on the head. A quality hair patch system lasts 6 to 10 months of use before replacing. You might only get 3 months if you don't take care of it properly or use it too roughly.

02. How much does hair patch cost?

The long-term investment of 2 clip side patches will start from INR 4999 with an average life span of a year. We suggest using the expert advice to take care of your extensions so that you can increase the life span of your extension easily

03. Is hair patch and wig same?

The important distinction between a wig and a hair patch is built up by the head's range that they cover. A hair wig covers the whole head, and a hair patch covers a specific spot caused by hair loss due to pollution, chemicals, and cancer.

04. What is hair patch?

A hair patch is an artificial hair restoration treatment in which artificial hair is placed with glue on the bald area.

05. Does hair patch looks natural?

The patch of hair is particularly designed to perfectly fit the patient. Thus, it looks natural, and the patient looks much better than they did before.

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Customers Review

Wow wow.. Perfect fit with amazing colour and shape. Lots of thanks... will recommend all my friends to buy the Hair Extensions from Diva Divine

Pooja Singh

Out here I trimmed the hair bangs to suit my hair natural length and texture. It's smooth, strong and looks awesome. The Color looked very natural too.

Nisha Gupta

First time user of a wig and I must say it's good. Fits in properly and it just transformed my look completely… Loving it.

Shalini Rawat