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Article: Permanent Hair Extensions - A new hack to hassle-free dressing!

Permanent Hair Extensions - A new hack to hassle-free dressing!

Permanent Hair Extensions - A new hack to hassle-free dressing!

Ever Drooled over celebrities with their never-ending locks?

Have hair extensions been an answer to all of it?

Did You Know: The secret weapon to every stylist’s kit are these hair extensions.

You can transform a bob into mermaid's hair in minutes. And let’s be real, the more hair on your head, the more you get to play around with different styles. So, here is a complete guide to the world of Permanent hair extensions.



 Permanent hair extensions are a hassle-free investment that you attach to your own hair, that can last you up to 3-6months depending on the type of permanent extensions you are planning to adopt.

These extensions can be reinstalled or removed once they mature on the timeline.

We at Diva Divine, have outlined 3 variants we have to offer - Keratin, Micro-tips & Tape extensions.




Tape extensions also popularly name as pre-taped extensions, that are 100% remy human hair. The process of application is as follows:

Tape Extensions is glued and sandwiched together on both sides of your own hair.

These hair extensions are lined up with the roots and with the help of a heated tool is glued to the scalp by a highly qualified hair extension professional. This process usually takes approximately 40 minutes- 1 hour to apply. You can reuse & style them any way you need.



Keratin tips (also known as bonding or pre-bonded) are meld to natural hair using different adhesives.

Diva Divine’s Italian keratin is known for quality and is highly trusted by professional stylists. Application of keratin tips takes approximately 3-4 hours by our professional hairdresser.

The application includes a machine that resembles a pointed flat iron, which basically breaks the keratin down and then attaches it to your own hair. These tips are easily manageable and treated the same ways as your real hair.

However, the extensions need re-positioning every 2-3 months as the natural hair grows. That’s when you need to visit Diva Divine Hair, once every 3 months to reinstall your hair extensions by our trained professionals.



Micro-ring permanent hair extensions also known as micro bead hair extensions or micro loop hair extensions are applied by clasping a tiny wefts of hair to small segment of your natural hair with a small silicone-lined bead.

A specially designed tool is used to secure the bead to the hair and tightened to hold it in place. These tips are generally preferred by clients as it has no use of glue.

These hair extensions should be installed correctly and preferably by professionally trained stylists. The complete process takes place in approximately 2-4 hours.

Similar to Keratin Tips, Micro Rings tips also require re-positioning every 2-3 months as the natural hair grows and the micro rings move away for the scalp.

To know more about permanent extensions, book an appointment with Diva Divine to redeem your free hair consultation!

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