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How To Avoid Scalp Sweat In Human Hair Topper Or Wigs In Summers?

Thank God, Summers are here, and we can finally take cute, pretty dresses out and enjoy the sunny days at maximum. Though everyone loves summer, fruity popsicles, and vibrant weather, equally, it gets frustrating when summer sweats happen. Especially this becomes more miserable when you are wearing your human hair topper, and you can feel the droplets of sweat dancing over your scalp, which could be irritating. If you want to wear your gorgeous hair on sunny summer days without fear of sweat, this is the right blog for you. Scroll down and check some easy tips and hacks to avoid sweat while wearing your human hair toppers or wigs....

Managing hair loss in new moms with Diva Divine Hair Extensions

Hair Loss In New Moms! What Can You Do About It?

Having a child is a tremendously fulfilling and challenging process. Almost every element of a woman's life, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, is altered by pregnancy and childbirth. While some changes are amazing and welcome, others are unnecessary. Within the first year after birth,...

Hairstyles with Diva Divine hair toppers

7 Hairstyles That You Can Do With Hair Toppers

Human hair toppers are no longer only restricted to covering your bald spots. Well, they can definitely do that but along with that, they can also add a lot more volume and length to your hair which can let you have multiple hairstyles. So, if you are thinking of buying a human hair topper, only for styling purposes (which you should) here are seven look inspirations that can easily be achieved with the help of hair toppers. Hair Bangs Hair Bangs Is Hot Trend Yes, hair bangs are currently in trend and you can have them if you wear human hair toppers. Just clip your hair topper more towards the forehead side and do the front...

Bollywood inspired hairstyles with Diva Divine hair extensions and wigs

5 Times When Our Bollywood Celebs Changed Hair Trends

Bollywood has always played an essential role in setting fashion trends. Be it having draped saree of Mumtaz or fashion inspirations from Sonam Kapoor, Bollywood has always played this game very well. Not only in terms of clothes but also in terms of hairstyles, Bollywood is highly idolized by the youth of India. So let us check out what are the hairstyle trends that changed the game when these iconic...

Inspo for your summer haircut with Diva Divine

Top 6 Celeb Inspired Haircuts For Summer 2023

Summers are here with full force, bringing with them the hot and humid weather that ensures the hairstyle we start our day with doesn’t even last till the end. But that shouldn't restrict us from going out in style and experimenting with new styles every once in a while. The season calls for a new chop, as longer hair requires more maintenance and upkeep, which doesn't match the season's mood. Even...

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