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Get new hair extensions from Diva Divine hair extensions
Best Hair Extensions

Signs That Are Telling You To Get New Pair Of Hair Extensions ASAP!!!

Every thing has a life of its own and some day it needs to be replaced to pave way for new better and improved version of the older self. This is true for our hair extensions as well. Understand th...

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Modern women's choice Diva Divine hair toppers

4 Reasons Why Hair Toppers Are Becoming Favorite Of Modern Indian Women

Sadly people still think hair toppers are a taboo. But thankfully modern Indian women are accepting them with open minds and arms. Why are they doing so and why should you too do the same? Well, re...

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Love for hairstyles  think of Diva Divine hair extensions
Best Hair Extensions

Valentine Day Hairstyles Inspired By Bollywood Rom-Coms

We are sure there is no one out there who hasn't been left untouched by the glitz and the glam of bollywood! So we have for you some of the best hairstyles for this valentine's day that you can cre...

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Hide hair extensions in short hair
Short Hair Extensions

Hide Hair Extensions In Short Hair With These Simple Steps

Having trouble hiding those extensions in your short hair? Well, we got your covered with all the tricks that's up our sleeves. Read on to master and hide hair extensions in short hair like a pro.

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Care for your Diva Divine Hair Extensions
Diva Divine Hair Extensions

6 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Hair Extensions

Basics of everything form solid foundations. And that is why this blog is indeed the basic of hair extension guide that will extend their shelf life for months and years. So, get your pen and paper...

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Human hair wig care with Diva Divine wigs
Human Hair Wigs

Things You Can & Cannot Do While Wearing Wigs

You want to wear a wig but are not really sure what you should and shouldn't do in such a case? Well, you are in luck as we have for you a complete guide on the do's and don't of wearing a wig. Rea...

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Diva Divine hair extensions and wigs fro women
Best Hair Extensions

Most Loved Diva Divine Hair Extensions From 2022

Get a round up of the most loved hair extensions and wigs that women in India and across the world have loved from Diva Divine and made them their own this year.

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Winter hair extensions tips with diva divine
hair extensions

Winter Hair Care Tips For Your Hair Extensions That You Must Know!

Are you also suffering from dry and brittle hair this winter? Have your extensions lost their shine and beginning to suffer due to the cold winds? Well we have for you a perfect guide that will sav...

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Get inspired from Deepika Padukone with Diva Divine hair extensions
Clip in Hair Extensions

Deepika Padukone’s Hairstyle Guide With Diva Divine Extensions

Have you also been in awe of Deepika Padukone's impressive hairstyles that you are looking for inspirations to create some of those for yourself? Well we certainly are and so we have for you some o...

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Questions about hair extensions & Wigs answered
hair extensions

Popular Questions About Hair Extensions & Wigs Answered!

Do you have a lot of questions going on in your mind regarding hair extensions & wigs? Are you looking for answers to understand them better? Well then, this blog will be of help to you as we b...

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