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Article: 7 Hairstyles That You Can Do With Hair Toppers

Hairstyles with Diva Divine hair toppers
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7 Hairstyles That You Can Do With Hair Toppers

Human hair toppers are no longer only restricted to covering your bald spots. Well, they can definitely do that but along with that, they can also add a lot more volume and length to your hair which can let you have multiple hairstyles. So, if you are thinking of buying a human hair topper, only for styling purposes (which you should) here are seven look inspirations that can easily be achieved with the help of hair toppers.

Hair Bangs

Get bangs with Diva Divine hair toppers

Hair Bangs Is Hot Trend

Yes, hair bangs are currently in trend and you can have them if you wear human hair toppers. Just clip your hair topper more towards the forehead side and do the front and back partition. Now at the front area with the help of scissors or taking the consultant's advice, get wispy bangs to create the look. You can have sharp razor bangs, feathered shaggy bangs or whatever you feel like with the help of human hair toppers.

Water Wave Flicks

Try wavy flicks with Diva Divine hair toppers

Vintage Hairstyle That Is Timeless

It is a very vintage hairstyle, but currently being adopted by celebrities on the red carpet events because of its premium look. All you have to do is use gel on your human hair topper and now, with the help of wide teeth comb make zigzag patterns on your forehead, which gives water wave effect. Some special water wave combs come specifically to create this design, you can also use them if you want to splurge more. Wearing this hairstyle with gowns at evening events can definitely be a stunner.

Fishtail Crown

Fishtail Crown braids with Diva Divine Hair Toppers

A Crown Of Elegance

Hair braid crowns are very delicate and feminine to look at. Just install your human hair topper as usual. Diva Divine human hair toppers, have free partitions so do a 70-30 partition, and on the bigger partition start braiding your hair slowly and direct them towards the bag of your ear so the beautiful half-braided crown is made. You can further add pearls, stones, and flowers to elevate the look you can do this hairstyle, You can do this with fishtail, braid, crochet, braid, regular braid, or any braid you feel like the shop.

Kendall Mid Partition

Sleek and easy middle part with Diva Divine silk based hair toppers

Keeping Up With Fashionable Hairstyles

If you want to keep up with the trend, you have to keep up with this fashion diva. Her hair partition is great.  All you have to do is install your human hair topper and do a slick middle petition. Take the first 2 inches of your human hair topper and pin it at the back of your ear. Then lay the rest of the hair fall upon. As this hair partition gives a very sleek look, the human hair toppers can be a great help because it gives enough volume and density on top of the head to achieve this look perfectly. Also, Diva Divine human hair lace is made as a natural-looking base, which looks like the real hair is sprouting out.

Bubble Face Frame Flicks

Bubble braids with Diva Divine hair toppers

Cute-sy and Fun-sy

You’ve got to try this. Firstly, this hairstyle is very lively and fresh. Secondly, it gives your face a frame to focus on your special features. All you have to do is divide your human hair in the middle partition. Now take 3 inches width of hair from both sides and put them in the rubber bands as mentioned above. Hang it down freely and your hairstyle is completed. An interesting hairstyle to do on the branches with your girlfriends. Don’t worry if your human hair topper is not as long as your real hair because this hairstyle is there to face frame use. So, even if the length is short, this hairstyle can easily be done and look great with human hair toppers.

Zig Zag Partition

Fun with partition with Diva Divine hair toppers

Partition Of Fashion and Beauty

Why do a boring partition when you can do an interesting one? Put your human hair topper as regular. Use some styling gel to set the hair and with the help of the back of the tail comb do a zigzag partition. You can also add glitter and stones to the partition if you want to make it more extravagant.

Side Flick Fountain Bun

Bangs with side flicks with Diva divine hair extensions

An Effortless Hairstyle With Extra Feminine Touch

Messy buns are fun, but what if we add some more twists by bringing some character to the front area as well? For that, install your human hair topper and do the bun as usual. Now take some hair from your human hair topper and start pulling them towards your face. This way you will have some messy flicks which will complete this look in the most unfinished yet gracious way possible.


So here we are at the end of this blog with some interesting and fashionable hairstyles that you can easily do on your real hair. But if you use human hair toppers, the impact of these hairstyles will double up. Also, Diva Divine human hair toppers are made of 100% real human hair with a free partition that allows you to have any of these hairstyles easily without fearing breakage, lace tear, or Hair shedding. So why you are still doing those boring hairstyles? Rush to Diva Divine store or order them online right away.


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