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Article: 5 Times When Our Bollywood Celebs Changed Hair Trends

Bollywood inspired hairstyles with Diva Divine hair extensions and wigs

5 Times When Our Bollywood Celebs Changed Hair Trends

Bollywood has always played an essential role in setting fashion trends. Be it having draped saree of Mumtaz or fashion inspirations from Sonam Kapoor, Bollywood has always played this game very well.

Not only in terms of clothes but also in terms of hairstyles, Bollywood is highly idolized by the youth of India. So let us check out what are the hairstyle trends that changed the game when these iconic Bollywood celebrities showed them on the big screen.

Sadhna Cut- Fringes Forever

Diva Divine fringes for women

The OG hair bangs

The hair bangs are not a discovery of the K-pop industry but is being seen in Bollywood for the past 50 years or so. Sadhna cut to date is also stated as a very fashionable haircut or hairstyle that you can put to face frame yourself. The Sadhna cut has feather hair fringes that could be side parted, middle parted, or curtain your forehead for multiple looks.

Today, this kind of hairstyle is very warmly adopted by teenagers and young girls. To get this look, you can even use Diva Divine's extensions and have this hairstyle aesthetically trendy.

Madhuri- Layered Waves

5 clip in Volumizer Wavy Diva Divine

Layered Step Cut Trend

Madhuri, the definition of beauty and grace, definitely rekindled the joy of romance on the screen, but one more thing that she did was introduced new hairstyles to Bollywood lovers. Having layered cuts with ends being out was first seen at Madhuri. She graciously wore this look again and again.

This hairstyle looks very voluminous, and due to the layered cut gives much more depth and character to your hair. If you also want to try this style and feel like you don’t have enough volume by yourself, our clip in hair extensions can help you to replicate this look.

Deepika- Puffed Wild Hair

Tapered clip in hair extension from Diva Divine

This Is How Messy Hair Looks Came In Bollywood

Deepika made messy look hot. Yes, with her bold and sassy character in Cocktail, she came up with this wild hair that looked well played with the air. These hairstyles have a bohemian vibe and looked extra modern and freestyle.

If you remember around 10 years ago, when this film was released, everyone had a bunch of clips in their hands to create the puff which Veronica did in the movie. The majority credit of water wave and wild hairstyles in Bollywood today goes to this movie. This movie was a statement, and the Hairstyles done by Deepika were religiously followed.

Karishma- Blunt Straight Hair

10 piece Straight clip in from Diva Divine

Kardashians Did It Later Our Kapoor Did First

Straight sleek hair that looks like magic and perfection. Made girls and guys crazy when Karishma made it her signature look. Middle partition with pressed silk straight hair became major hair goals for many girls. It was only once she came with this hairstyle regularly on the screen, People started learning about keratin smoothing, hair straightening, and hair spas to get this silky straight texture look.

Do you know many times Karishma did this gorgeous look on real hair, they were also many times when she used real human hair extensions to attempt this look. So you also can do this smart thing, go and get straight clip in hair extensions.

Kangana- Ball Curls

Luxe 10 piece clip in straight from Diva Divine

Curls Became Fashion Statement

Curly hair was never put in the spotlight until Kangana came into Bollywood with her iconic movie and iconic character. Thanks to Kangana's real curly hair that showcased their charm in her iconic movie Tanu Weds Manu.

She carried her hair and play the character, showing the uniqueness and a statement that got attached to this picture. So now usually when girls want to feel Bubbly, full of life and chirpy they go for curly hair texture. Now curly hair is the most desirable hair texture and if you also wish to get the same, our hair extensions are easy-to-be hairstyled for you to have gorgeous curls.

These were just the few that we mentioned, which definitely impacted hairstyles. Just like the middle partition became a major hit among the boys with the movie Tere Naam. But the girls were always blessed with different celebrities coming up with different signature hairstyles that gave the variety to be in the trend and still be experimental.

Do you know one more thing that you’re blessed with? It is Diva Divine hair extensions. Yes, because if you buy hair extensions, you can do all these hairstyles from them and even more without worrying about their quality degrade. So are you ready to be the main character?


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