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Signs That Are Telling You To Get New Pair Of Hair Extensions ASAP!!!

There comes a time when everything has to end. And your beloved hair extensions, who have given you some of the best dates and all the attention from your loved ones, are no different. It may be time that you bid goodbyes to your hair extensions and pave the way for a fresh new set of hair extensions to help you continue with fantastic hair for all your special occasions. We understand that you have cared for them since the time you got hold of them, but everything has a life, and they have reached their full potential. Below are some...

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4 Reasons Why Hair Toppers Are Becoming Favorite Of Modern Indian Women

As the women are becoming more adaptive and confident with hair extensions these days, the extensions themselves are being more innovative and handy...

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Valentine Day Hairstyles Inspired By Bollywood Rom-Coms

Bollywood movies have played a major role in our lives, especially when it comes to love. Setting higher expectations for the love, that dream person has all give us butterflies at some point in time. And when it comes to inspiration, be it love, clothing, or even hair styles Bollywood has been a major factor. So why not try out some great valentine's day hairstyles, inspired by iconic Bollywood Romantic movies that made us fall in love with them. Dilwaley Dulhania Le Jayenge   Every Simran Wish To Have Pretty Hair and...

Hide hair extensions in short hair

Hide Hair Extensions In Short Hair With These Simple Steps

Your hairstyle can be radically transformed using hair extensions. Short hairstyles can gain length, volume, or thickness with extensions, whether you choose clip-in, tape-in, or sewn-in hair extensions. In other words, they can make it easy for you to get the hair you have always wanted. However, if you don't know how to install or take care of human hair...

Care for your Diva Divine Hair Extensions

6 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not at all a very reasonable purchase. It makes you invest some good chunk of money especially if you are buying human hair extensions. However, the human hair extensions outlive their cost with their durability, flexibility and maintenance. But still mastering some of the skills that can extend their shelf life to a couple of more months is no harm, and that is why this blog is designed to acquaint you with some of the smart tips to extend the shelf...

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