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Article: Diwali Hairstyles With Diva Divine Hair Extensions

Stunning Hairstyle with Diva Divine hair extensions
Diwali Hairstyles

Diwali Hairstyles With Diva Divine Hair Extensions

Right after October begins, the period of festivities officially commences, and you can feel the festive spirit all around you. There are several reasons to stand out throughout the festival season, from Navaratri to Diwali and Halloween.

Although we know your wardrobe is ready for the holiday, we want to equip you with some refreshing hairstyles with our Diva Divine Hair Extensions for Diwali. Alongside your makeup and wardrobe, your hairstyle should be flawless. Don't you think so?

Get ready to own Diwali because these refreshing hairstyles with Diva Divine Extensions will let you slay the festive season without being over the top.

Open loose curls with a 10-piece straight set

Open loose curls with 10 piece clip in set from Diva Divine Hair Extensions

Long and supple curls

You can never really go wrong with the gorgeous open loose curly hairstyle, and this is proof of it. Prep your natural hair and place our virgin human hair 10-Piece Clip-In Set throughout your head. Use a small barrel curler to achieve the loose curls and tie it up with some accessories.

Pro tip: Use a finishing spray to keep the curls in place for the night.

Old-school wavy bun with a clip-in ponytail

Wavy bun with clip in ponytail extension from Diva Divine Hair Extensions

Bring back the old-school glam this Diwali

A bun is a classic Diwali hairdo. This classic wavy bun with Diva Divine's Clip-In Ponytail Extension is too exquisite to pass up. With Y2K trends coming back, this old-school bun with finger waves is a great way to look regal.

Whether you lack volume or length, our Clip-In Ponytail Extension will save the day. It's incredibly easy to use, and you can wear your finest jewelry.

Long, bouncy waves

Long bouncy waves with 10 piece clip in extensions from Diva Divine

Voluminous pulled-back hairstyle

This classy and easy hairstyle is possibly the finest way to be set for the celebrations that await you this Diwali season. There are many ways to achieve and style wavy hairstyles, and this long & bouncy is one of our favorites.

Flaunt the bouncy wavy hairstyle with Diva Divine's 10-Piece Clip-In Set. Braid and pull one side completely towards the back and let the other side flow beautifully over your face.

Stand out this festive month by getting your Diva Divine human hair extensions customized with highlights.

Refreshing modern ponytail hairstyle

Modern Ponytail with 5 clip volumizer from Diva Divine hair extensions

Modern and chic

There's never a better time than Diwali to go out of your comfort zone and experiment with something different. This refreshing modern ponytail hairstyle is a great way to stand out during the festive season.

For this look, we recommend using our one-piece Volumizer. However, if you desire additional volume, you can choose from a collection of 10-Piece Clip-In Extensions.

Braid two sections of your hair and twist the remaining until you reach the ends. Remember, you will need a handful of bobby pins to secure the look. Accessorize the hairstyle with a couple of floral clips.

Pro Tip: To make your modern ponytail look extra chic, go with a colored clip-in set.

Half-open, half-tied curly with Luxe Clip-In Set

Half up half tied curly hair with luxe clip in hair extensions from Diva Divine

It’s all about the colors

This half-open, half-tied curly hairstyle with Diva Divine's Luxe Clip-In Set is a great choice too! The hairstyle looks ultra-lux with traditional outfits, smokey eyes, and natural makeup.

Customize our Luxe Clip-In Set into an ombre color and install the clip-in human hair extensions. It's a hairstyle that's all about volume and color! Use a medium-sized curling barrel and combine your hair and extensions for the perfect blend. The defined ombre curls will add a ton of volume and dimension to your Diwali look.

Center-Parted Beach Waves

Beach waves with tapered clip in extensions from Diva Divine

Soft beach waves hairstyle with Diva Divine Extensions

There's nothing quite refreshing, elegant, and chic than a beautiful center-parted beach waves hairstyle. Whether you are attending or hosting the celebration of light and victory, this gorgeous beach waves hairstyle with Diva Divine's Tapered 10-Piece Clip-In Set will make you the center of attention.

The soft beach waves with subtle highlights add a touch of glamor and look amazing with a traditional two-piece outfit and a statement-making necklace.

Styling Tip: If you have layers, incorporate them with the extensions before creating the beach waves. This way, the shorter sections won't stick out but blend seamlessly.

Mermaid braids

Mermaid braids using 6 clip fishnet from Diva Divine hair extensions

Mermaid braids

If you aren't a fan of the regular three-strand braid hairstyle, then we have something better for you! It's the mermaid braids. You can incorporate the mermaid braids with an open or ponytail hairstyle.

We recommend using the 6-Clip Hair extension to create the mermaid braids. Install the 6-Clip Hair Extension near the crown and blend it with your natural hair. Center-part your hair and create mermaid braids on both sides and secure them at the back using a hair tie.

Use a curler, create loose waves throughout your hair, and take a few pieces out to frame your face.

Styling Tip: Use floral or pearl hairpins to make your mermaid braids stand out and let the rest of your hair fall effortlessly over your shoulder.

Choose one of the numerous beautiful Diwali hairstyles to completely transform your appearance with Diva Divine Hair Extensions. We're sure these hairstyle ideas will help you swiftly pull off a basic yet alluring look.

This Diwali, keep an eye out for the best virgin human hair extensions at Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs!


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