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Article: 12 Perfect Wavy Hairstyle Trends For This Summer

12 Perfect Wavy Hairstyle Trends For This Summer

12 Perfect Wavy Hairstyle Trends For This Summer

New-season calls for new styles, and the summer this year is all about wearing something stylish and functional. The wavy hair, whether long or short, is also the season's most lust-worthy hairstyle. Wavy hairstyles are ideal for long care free days at the beach because they look effortless, chic, and feminine. Inspired by beachy summer vibes, these are the trendiest summer haircuts you’ll see women wearing over and over again. Check out how we styled them into a classy summer hairstyle for women below.

#1. Classic Beach Waves 

Classic Beach Waves Channel the summer vibe with this classic choice 

The classic beach wavy hairstyle is timeless, simple, and a hassle-free way to achieve natural-looking waves. It is one of the top trending looks this season, and it is easy to pull off and requires very little upkeep. Despite the fact that they require some work, you can cope with them on your first try. To add dimension to your classic waves, use gradual colors. 

#2. Money Piece Highlights 

  Highlights Glam up with this face framing highlights 

The money piece (also known as face-framing highlights) gets its name from the high-end glam it provides. It's achieved by using a lighter color to highlight the front strands of your hair. Balayage hair colors are always on point, and the major trend doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Work in small sections to ensure proper lifting. Otherwise, you run the risk of having brassy strands framing your face.

#3. Set of Bangs 

Set of Bangs Pair a set of bangs with your long wavy hair 

Adding a set of bangs can give you an instant upgrade. Sitting somewhere between straight and curly, wavy hair paired with bangs is one of the most sought-after hairstyles. Getting the perfect set of bangs is not an easy thing to do, but you can master it with a little extra effort. Wavy hair with bangs can make a dramatic lift that will get you out of the ordinary gorgeous new look. 

#4. Layered Wavy Hair With Curtain Bangs

 Layered Wavy Haircurtain-like effect bangs with wavy hair

The secret to this elegant look is the layers that delicately fall one over the other. The best part about layers is that they are amazing for adding hair volume for girls. Curtain bangs are all the rage this year. Curtain bangs are a great method to change your look without cutting your hair. Everyone can benefit from this style, regardless of hair type. Curtain bangs with layered hair are a great way to update your style and make it more voluminous without weighing your head down.

 #5. Tousled Ponytail 

Tousled Ponytail Steal this voluminous ponytail look 

Ponytails are one of the most versatile hairstyles, and they never go out of style. This look is simple to achieve and requires little effort. Better yet, there's a ponytail for everyone, whether it's long, short, or on the side. Ponytails can be styled in various ways, but one of our faves is to pair them with tousled waves to add hair volume for girls. 

#6. Half Updo For Long Wavy Hair 

Half Updo For Long Wavy Hair

Make this chic, effortless and feminine look yours

The long wavy hair looks lovely with the bouffant crown. And the loose waves fall naturally along the face, adding a slimming effect to your face. Because most women wear their hair down regularly, a fancy updo can make you step outside of your comfort zone. Half-up, half-down hairstyles are a fall between wanting your hair lush and flowy around your face and shoulders while also keeping key pieces out of the way for a no-fuss day.

#7. Windswept Waves 

Windswept Waves
Make it look like a wind work

The windswept hairstyle is a casual look that you can work with long wavy hair. Adorable casual looks are pretty easy to pull off because they create a carefree look that requires less styling time. Furthermore, this style is ideal if you want to experiment with your straight hair with a slight wave or curls. Tease your hair to add volume, and go for defined piecey strands for the finishing touch.

#8. Vintage Curls 

Vintage Curls Pull off this look no matter where your hair length falls 

Take your waves to a vintage look with this retro style. Vintage waves may seem to be a thing of the past, but they will remain a timeless look exuding class and social decency. Thanks to curling wands, you can easily achieve this look flawlessly. First, take medium-sized sections of your hair and curl them towards your face with a large barrel curling iron. Then, make it your own by adding your details, such as hair accessories like ribbons and stone barrettes, and that's all there is to it.

#9. Sweet Spirals 

Sweet Spirals Perfect for cute occasions 

If our hair looked like this, it would be a dream, and dreams do come true. The look is effortless and chic for any occasion and is an easy hairstyle for you on lazy summer mornings. Add honey highlights to the style for added brightness and dimension. This look will flatter any woman, regardless of age.

#10. Waterfall Waves 

Waterfall Waves

Pair a braid and long wavy hair for this look 

Women with long wavy hair benefit the most from this look and allow the wearer to flaunt their luscious locks. The long wavy hair texture is lovely and voluminous, and it looks even better when pinned on one side. To achieve this look, wrap your hair into a bun and sleep on it; you'll have the most natural-looking waves the next morning. 

#11. Big Waves To Loose Curls 

Big Waves To Loose Curls

This look sits in between beachy waves and kinky coils 

Wearing wavy hair gives you the best of both worlds: curls and beachy waves. The best way to achieve big waves to loose curls on the tresses is to use a curling iron. Whether you have long or short hair, this style will give you a loose and bouncy texture. Afraid your hair length will not cooperate for the look? Don't be afraid to try out hair extensions because they are designed to help you achieve your hair goals.

#12. Wavy Lob Hairstyle 

Wavy Lob Hairstyle Hairstyles that every celebrity approves of!

If you're not sure what to do with your wavy hair, a wavy lob is a good place to start. A hair straightener is used to create well-defined waves in this look. The long wavy bob is considered to be a very feminine look. As a result, we're obsessed with this romantic wavy look. You can pull off this look unless you have a short haircut like a pixie or a short bob.


Here's a hot take: with wavy hairstyles, you can start a very stylish summer. The best part of wavy looks is getting the best of both straight and curly worlds. Weddings! Travels! Summer fiestas - we expect a lot of exciting reasons to doll up for this season. These wavy hairstyles for the summer are so worth trying! 

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