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Article: The Most Trending Ponytail Hairstyles for 2021

The Most Trending Ponytail Hairstyles for 2021

The Most Trending Ponytail Hairstyles for 2021

Flowing straight hair doesn’t have to be plain and boring. An off the grid hairstyle can definitely make them full of life. Ponytail hairstyles are easy, sexy, and carefree. The best part about this go-to hairstyle is its tolerance to different hair textures. When combined with bangs, the ponytail looks stunning. You can always upgrade it with eye-catching hairpieces, stylish braids, bangs, hair wraps just by using easy ponytail extensions. If your hair lacks length and volume, Ponytail Extension is all you need to give them life back.

Have you ever thought about how models on the runway carry sleek ponytails with such grace and still be able to keep their look intact? That’s because they wear easy ponytail extensions. They are the type of extensions that are fit for every face shape and hair texture. Whether you have long hair, short hair or medium hair, a ponytail looks irresistible and makes for the perfect hairstyle you can wear with ease. Let’s quickly take a look at some fun ways of making ponytail hairstyles to keep the diva alive in you.

Go-to Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas To Try This 2021

Tousled Ponytail With A Sleek Top

Tousled Ponytail For Beguiling You Tousled Ponytail For Beguiling You

Grant your hair a chic, french feel by adding contrast of textures within a single hairstyle. Draw the attention you truly deserve with New Hairstyles of tousled ponytail with a sleek top. All you need to do is apply gel at the roots of hair to give a sleek look, pull the hair back into a pony and do the backcombing, you will end up getting a glamorous slick-and-messy hairstyle.

Low loose Ponytail


Low Loose Ponytail Low Loose Ponytail

Tight ponytails aren’t always easy to carry as they are stressful for your strands and scalp. Low loose ponytails are perfect for laid back weekends. This kind of hairstyle will make even the most knotted hair look manageable with very little effort required. Forgo your bed head frizzy hair with this simple hair hack that you must try once.

French Twisted Ponytail


French Twisted PonytailFrench Twisted Ponytail

To master this hairstyle, you will have to blend two hairstyles such as french twist and a low pony in one. You will need to make two french twists facing each other or make a regular french twist to pull off a cool lopsided look.

Half ponytail


Half Ponytail HairstyleHalf Ponytail Hairstyle

The half ponytail hairstyle, popularly known as the half up and half down style, works wonders for any hair texture and length. You only need to tie the top section into the ponytail and you can adjust its height as per your requirement. If you have a round shape and want to make it look longer, then you need to create more volume at the crown of your head. This can be achieved by keeping the ponytail section a bit higher than usual. Meanwhile, the left out loose hair will create a gorgeous frame for your face.

Braided Ponytail


Braided Ponytail Braided Ponytail

Braided ponytail would look just as staggering in a  peaceful glade as it would look at your beach party. It doesn’t take a lot of hard work and time to put together this uber cool hairstyle. This sassy updo not only adds some bling to your hairstyle but also imparts an overall fancy look to your personality. Such a creative and sizzling hairstyle will get you noticed with a doubt! This cutesy hairstyle looks flattering on highlighted hair. Braids ask for thick and long hair. In case you don’t have dense and voluminous hair, then you can wear the best ponytail extension for black hair. Adding this unique element can make any pony look simply ravishing. Braided ponytail could be a good option if you’re going for a weekend brunch or a romantic date night. 

Prom Ponytail

Prom PonytailProm Ponytail

If you seek a casual, everyday hairstyle, a prom ponytail could be the best for you. However, this hairstyle looks more appropriate for prominent events like prom night. Pull off this hairstyle by teasing your hair roots underneath so the top portion still looks elegant and clean. After securing your ponytail, create soft waves using tongs. Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic, and you are ready to dazzle. If you want to make your ponytail look thick and long, you can opt for real human hair extensions

Two Ponytails

Two Ponytails Two Ponytails

Two ponytails remind us of our school days, ain’t true? If done wrong, this hairstyle may make you look like a schoolgirl. To make it a perfect night out hairstyle, you need to add plenty of body and volume to your locks. Ensure to keep both ponytails even and let loose some strands to play with your face. When teamed with smokey eyes and glossy lips, this hairstyle will look both fun and flirty. It is undoubtedly going to be a head-turner hairstyle for you!

Crochet Ponytail


Crochet Ponytail Hairstyle Crochet Ponytail Hairstyle

If you hate taking long salon sessions to get the hairdo of your dreams, then the Crochet Ponytail hairstyle is meant for you. Firstly, you need to braid hair into cornrows for donning perfect crochet braids; then, extensions are threaded through your hair. The best part about crochet braids is that you can have any hair texture to try this hairstyle. You can style crochet braids into a sexy ponytail to look more sazzy.

Bouffant Ponytail


Bouffant ponytailBouffant ponytail

If you love an adorning vintage and dramatic look, then Bouffant ponytail is just what you need. To pull off this hairstyle smartly, firstly, you need to add texture and add volume with a large barrel iron. Start backcombing the crown to smoothen the top layer that covers the bouffant. Secure your ponytail with a rubber band and get ready to steal the show. You can also add hair extensions to the tail to achieve that perfect model look.

The Bottom Line

Ponytails are the go-to hairstyle that can camouflage bad hair easily and still make you look fabulous. Whether you wish to attain a glamorous look for an event or want to perfect a casual daytime vibe, ponytails fit seamlessly in every occasion or mood. If you want to look elegant and straightforward, a sleek high ponytail is what you need. Likewise, you can add a dramatic touch to your ponytail with different styling options like braids, bangs, and ponytail extensions.

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