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Article: How To Achieve Bangs Without Getting A Haircut

Bangs Without Getting A Haircut
Clip In Bangs

How To Achieve Bangs Without Getting A Haircut

When it comes to trying different hairstyles or managing damaged hair, extensions have played an important role. They have become an important part of many women’s lives with time. Hair extensions have been in great demand as women prefer using them over getting their natural hair styled.   

However, many hairstyles cannot be achieved by using only hair extensions. You must have seen many women carrying any hairstyle with bangs. Hair bangs extensions have become increasingly popular, and clip-in hair bangs have emerged as women’s favorite. You no longer need to cut your natural hair to get hair bangs, as bangs extensions do the trick.

Best Bangs Hair Extensions To Buy

The hair market offers a wide range of hair extensions but not all suit your hair. Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs has an amazing collection of hair bangs made entirely of virgin human hair. Whether you want to frame your face, cover your forehead, or add an extra oomph to your look, Diva Divine's human hair bangs are for you! Here are some Bangs Extensions you can opt for:

Fringe With Side Bangs 

Fringe With Side Bangs

Human Hair Fringe With Side Bangs 

Experience a refreshingly natural look with Diva Divine's Fringe With Side Bangs! While the fringe frames your face, the side bangs give it a slender look, and you can even go a step further to customize it! 

The fringe comes in a straight texture; however, you can heat-style it to go for a day-to-night look, dye it, as it blends seamlessly with your natural hair. 

Diva Divine's fringe with side bangs is easy to install, does not put a strain on your roots, and does not cause any damage to your hair at all.

Fringe Without Side Bangs 

Fringe Without Side Bangs

Fringe Without Side Bangs For A Sharp Look

Transform your hairstyle instantly with Diva Divine's Fringe Without Side Bangs, and enjoy a dazzling look like no other! Unlike the fringe with side bangs, this bangs extension only covers your forehead and leaves the sides open, which is why the Fringe is perfect if you are looking for a clean face-framing look or want to conceal just the forehead. 

Diva Divine’s fringe without side bangs is made with 100% human hair and can be heat styled to achieve the desired look. Recreate the iconic curtain bangs hairstyles by clipping this hair extension. 

With this hair extension, you get the option to experiment with face-framing looks, and the bangs are extremely easy to install. 

The Classic Fringe 

The Classic Fringe
The Classic Fringe With Side Bangs 

Give your hair an instant new look with Diva Divine's Classic Fringe. Made with 100% human hair, it gives the most natural look. The Classic Fringe has three clips that provide a firm hold. The best part? This fringe extension is available in 24 colors! The Classic Fringe is free of tangles, easy to install, can be heat styled, and blends seamlessly with your hair.

Experiment with various hairstyles and let the Classic Fringe frame your face effortlessly! 

How To Wear Bangs Extensions 

How To Wear Bangs Extensions

Simplified Steps To Wearing 3 Different Diva Divine Hair Bangs 

Now you know the best bang hair extensions and where to get them, follow these simple steps to install them! 

Installing hair bangs the right way is as important as finding the best ones! Being able to install the bangs correctly offers a natural result. 

  • Trim your bangs if they are brand new.
  • Center-part your hair and tuck it behind your ears-this makes installing clip-in bangs much easier.
  • Tease your natural hair to create a firm base for the clips to hold onto. 
  • Place the extension over your forehead to determine how long or short you want your bangs to be with your hairstyle. 
  • Open the clip and securely put it in the desired area. 
  • Untuck your hair and comb it to blend it with the clip in human hair bangs.
  • Switch on your flat iron and mold your Diva Divine bangs extension with it.
  • Style your Diva Divine Bangs and use your fingers for final touches. You are done!

Quick Tips To Maintain Bangs 

As much as hair bangs look amazing on your hair, they need to be taken good care of. Follow these quick tips to keep your DIY bang hair extensions looking new. 

  • Wash your hair bangs periodically to get rid of oil and product residues. 
  • Always brush your clip-in bangs before washing them to prevent possible tangles.
  • Dry shampoo your bangs' hair extensions to prevent over-washing. Apply a sulfate-free dry shampoo and gently tease with your fingers- this will make your bangs look clean and increase the volume.
  • Don't forget to use a heat protectant whenever you heat style your hair bangs. This helps protect the hair from the damage of the heat-styling tools.   
  • Don’t forget to condition your bangs to retain the lustrous appearance and always air-dry your clip-in bangs. 
  • Always remove the bangs before going to bed, as pulling the extension while sleeping can lead to hair breakage. 
  • Store your bangs extension well and away from direct sunlight so that they remain in shape and damage-free.


Diva Divine’s DIY clip-in bangs are simple to put together with your hair extensions and far less intimidating than chopping your hair. Hair bangs are not only a fantastic way to switch up your look, but they are also a great way to make use of your old hair extensions. 

If you are looking for bangs to add to your collection, check out Diva Divine collection of high-quality virgin hair bangs that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair.  Apart from bangs, you can also shop for various hair products like toppers, Real Human Hair Wigs, and extensions that offer you a variety of lengths.

Recreate the desired look or experiment with multiple bangs hairstyles by following the above steps, and don't forget to take care of them!

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