Hair Guide to Your Shadow Roots

We always come across new terms and we barely know what exactly do they mean. Similar to that is one such term called Shadow roots. Last time we promised that we will give you all the information about shadow roots and here we are!

Today we are going to talk about how to create shadow roots at home and how to maintain them. So, stay tuned!

Shadow roots are an incredible method to style your locks when you are growing out your hair or hair color. They help avoid awkward moments when your hair grows and your color starts to fade.

How to Create Shadow Roots At Home!

Most of the time we go to our trusted salon and hairstylist to get that vogue look. But what if you can get the same results at your home? Wouldn’t that be great, right?

So, today we will be telling you how easy it is to achieve the beauty of shadow roots at home.

Whenever you chose to go for a root color, it’s suggested that you should go for a color that is close to your natural roots so that you have a natural look one your hair starts to grow or your color starts to wash out. The only reason being that if you color roots different from your natural hair, the shadow roots will lose its impact once you have new hair growth.

For DIY shadow roots, all you need is a brush, a bowl, and hair color and a few steps to follow.


Section your hair into four parts with the help of section comb. Start by dividing your hair from the center first, then make a straight line from the back of each ear and up to make four.


Mix your color into the mixing bowl by following the instructions. Make sure you use hand gloves before you start mixing them.


Start the application of your color to each section of your hair. Apply your dye lightly at the top and increase the quantity of application as you go down. This will help you achieve a faded look and maintain your natural roots. To make sure you look natural, avoid perfect or even application. Make sure to blend the color from top to bottom.


Once you are completed with the color application, cover your hair with a shower cap or towel to let it sit. This may speed up the process and ensure your hair absorbs all the dye. Mix the toner in another bowl, then apply it to your colored hair. The toner will provide glisten and shine to your hair to help look natural and healthy.


Finally shampoo and condition your hair. Make sure you properly rinse your hair.

How to Maintain Your Shadow Roots

One of the biggest advantages of shadow roots is that they require minimal maintenance. They usually last longer than most of the coloring techniques and do not require immediate treatment even if your hair starts to grow. All you need is a root touch up when they grow to a particular length.

If you are unsure about the color roots that will suit you the best, you can always try the shades of Diva Divine Clip-in extensions to help you decide what works best for you!

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