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Pre-Installation Tips For Hair Extensions, Wigs And Hair Toppers

Diva Divine offers you premium quality 100% human hair. While you wear them, it is also important to take proper care. Follow the recommended hair care guide to get the best of this hair. Read the pre-installation requirements thoroughly, before you choose your collection and texture, following guidelines for each of them.
Rinse the hair in Lukewarm water: Wash the hair in Lukewarm water to remove any tangles. Once you have finished rinsing, run your fingers through the hair.
Let the hair air-dry: Let the hair air dry after washing. The hair shold not shed and be tangle-free. If there is any problem during pre-installation, contact us immediately.
We give you the best quality hair: Diva Divine is known for the premium quality human hair extensions it offers. However, in case of excessive shedding, matting, or tangling occurring within the first week of receiving the product, contact us for further consultation. We may ask you to remove the installation and the product be taken to the place of testing.

Installation Tips For Hair Extensions, Wigs And Hair Toppers

Clip-in extensions: It is recommended that you get them installed by a professional, but if you are installing them on your own, make sure you clip them properly so that your natural hair does not get pulled or damaged.
Sew-in extensions: It is recommended that you have wefts folded instead of getting individual tracks cut when installing sew-ins. This helps prevent shedding of hair, maintain the extension, and makes re-installation of the sew-ins easier.
Tape-in extensions: It is recommended that you get tape-in extensions installed by a licensed professional. If you’re a determined self-starter and applying tape-ins for the first time, make sure you do not attach skin weft extension too close to the scalp to avoid unnecessary stress. Gently remove the protective film from the tape-in hair extensions and attach it in a manner that it should sandwich your hair with adhesive strips holding onto each other. Once you master installing tape-ins, you’ll be able to add volume, and color to your hair from your home’s comfort. What more do you need?

Maintenance Tips For Hair Extensions, Wigs & Hair Toppers

Once you have received Diva Divine’s hair:
Get the ends of your extensions, toppers, or wigs trimmed by a stylist if you want to frequently style the hair using heat styling tools. Heat styling your hair often leads to split-ends, which result in damaged hair. It is important to keep your hair clean. It is recommended you visit your stylist regularly to get your extensions, wigs, or toppers shampooed and dried properly. Hair extensions should be shampooed in a downward motion. Hair extensions, wigs, or toppers should be handled with care. Try and use minimum heat styling tools and styling products to keep the hair bouncy and shiny. Shampoo and condition hair extensions with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to maintain the hair’s softness and elasticity. These hair extensions, wigs, and toppers should be treated just like natural hair as they are pure human hair.

Hair Care Tips For Clip-in Hair Extensions

These are easy-to-apply extensions that you can just clip in your hair on the go. We offer a range of textures under these extensions.


Wash them every 15-20 wears, as they do not receive natural oils from your scalp.
Do not brush them rigorously, be gentle with them. Rushing through the process may result in major hair breakage. Start by brushing from the bottom of the ends of the hair.Condition them well just like your natural hair. However, do not go overboard with the application.Make sure you air-dry your clip-ins as it results in a tangle and shed-free hair. If you want to make the process fast, blow-dry them at minimum heat level.Keep your clip-ins either in a box or on a mannequin head. Do not throw them wherever after use.

Hair Care Tips For Human Hair Toppers

These toppers/wiglets successfully increase your hair volume in certain areas and cover bald patches. We offer different types of toppers under this category.


Wash them after every 10 to 15 wears.
Prefer air-drying your hair as much as possible. This protects your topper from the damaging effects of heat styling tools.
Don’t brush them when they are wet.
Do not use heat styling tools extensively on them.
Avoid sleeping with hair toppers on.
Keep them either in a box or on a mannequin head.

Hair Care Tips For Wigs

These are a go-to if you are aiming for a new hairstyle or want to effectively cover your hair loss. We offer different wig styles and textures under this category.


Use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo to wash them.
If you want to style your wig, get it done by a professional.
Keep them either in a box or on a mannequin head.
Do not use heat styling tools excessively on them, as it can damage the hair.
Do not shower with your wig on, follow a proper washing procedure for it.
Keep your natural hair clean and maintained even if you are mostly wearing wigs. It is important to maintain your natural hair health.

Hair Care Tips For Tape-in Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for a semi permanent fix that lasts six to eight weeks or even longer depending on its upkeep, then tape-in hair extensions win the battle. Get longer and fuller hair seamlessly with tape-in extensions. We offer a wide variety of textures under these extensions.


Avoid washing your hair until 48 hours of tape-in hair extensions installation to allow adhesive to set in your hair.
Don’t apply leave in conditioners and oils near your roots as they may start to break down the tape.
Avoid using silicone based products as they make it difficult for hair to bond to tape-in extensions.
Do not over wash your hair with extensions on, as massaging close to the tape bonds can loosen the tape.
Avoid over brushing your hair as it can loosen the tape’s hold.
Don’t sleep with wet or damp hair extensions as the tape’s adhesive is fragile when wet.
Never use a flat iron directly on the tape tabs to avoid weakening of the tape bonds.

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