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Article: Bengaluru: Our one stop destination for flawless hair!

Bengaluru: Our one stop destination for flawless hair!

Bengaluru: Our one stop destination for flawless hair!

Have you ever thought of how every time a celebrity walks out of their vanity has that perfect hair with so much volume and length!

Did you know: Hair extensions is an answer to it all!

Now that we have opened our doors to Bangalore, let us run you through our quick guide on why you should pick Diva Divine Hair Extensions for your hair transformation.

  1. Easy to use

 We offer Clip in human hair extensions that are hassle free & a complete life saver when your hairstylist isn’t available. The application is so simple that you can easily clip it into your hair and in just a matter of few minutes you have that salon look to your hair. 

  1. Instant Length 

We all crave for long and lustrous hair, especially during a bad hair day, or a haircut we didn’t like or just another day where your hair just won’t grow fast enough. To cure this mood, we come to your rescue with a damage free solution to embrace your hair length without having you wait.

hair extensions 5 clip set

  1. Instant Volume 

We all have hair desires, especially when it comes to clicking pictures and flaunting that hair flip in style. To achieve the above we need thick hair that helps us enhance our hairstyle.

To survive this we offer a set of volumizer that not only transforms your hair from flat to voluminous look but also saves time, it only takes less than a minute to apply it to your hair. 

  1. Color yourself Pretty 

Have you ever wanted a hair color change without dyeing your own hair?
We have a solution that can help you achieve that #ootd look you wish to carry.Our brand offers 30+ shades of hilites to choose from, so that you never grow out of style. 

  1. No Damage 

Unlike other types of chemical hair treatments that you go through, hair extensions are totally safe to use. They can be clipped in or taken out whenever you want.
Did you know:  they’re totally safe to wear every day and cause zero damage to your natural hair. 

  1. Varied Styling Options 

We think, that one should always have multiple hairdo options for any special events like a wedding, farewell or a date night. You can try it all with our hair extensions filling the gap of a perfect hairdo.

  1. Shipping facility worldwide 

There are no mountains which are high enough that will keep us from getting your hair extensions to you. We offer shipping facility all across the globe. 

  1. Style Quotient 

Need hair advice or a hair consultation? Are you struggling to understand your hair type?

We often get confused on which color to choose from a shade card. So, we’re always here to help. Drop in your query to us and we’ll be back to you within 24 hours or book an appointment with us, and we’ll be there to assist you personally at any of our present outlets. 

  1. Premium luxury hair 

We offer 100% human Remy hair. As a brand we are recognized as a premium luxury hair brand. You can heat-style our product, wear them as per your convenience as these hair last you long, if you maintain them well. 

  1. Elevate your hair game 

We go to great lengths to keep your hair feeling fresh every week. With various tutorials, hair care guides, and styling tips, we’ve combined through it all to bring you the very best when it comes to all things hair. 

So, what’s your reason to pick your hair extensions, answer in comments section below!

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