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Article: How To Choose The Right Curling Accessory?

How To Choose The Right Curling Accessory?

How To Choose The Right Curling Accessory?

There are a lot of queries from our ladies concerning heat-styling accessory and also look for the best savior (curler, crimper, or a straightener) for that perfect hairstyle.

So, this one is for all the ladies who are desperately waiting for someone to answer their queries or at least provide some information to make that perfect decision.

Regardless of whether you need a hair curling accessory for your natural hair or your hair extensions, deciding the best hair curling accessory size for your ideal haircut/hairstyle can be troublesome. Also, in case you're anticipating styling artificial extensions, you certainly need to ensure your extensions are heat-safe—in contrast to human hair extensions, synthetic extensions that aren't intended to withstand heat can be for all time harmed by hot styling use, as they are intended to hold their unique style.

On the off chance that you like artificial hair expansions, it may be more financially savvy for you to buy clip-ins of various hairdos, and to style your hair with these extensions.

For human hair and ladies having human hair extensions, look at these four tips for finding the correct hair curling accessory for you!

1. Best Size of Your Curling Accessory


Each hair curler has a barrel size, and that barrel size corresponds to your hair length! Fortunately, the framework is truly clear: when all is said in done, small barrel sizes are intended for shorter hair and bigger barrel best suit longer hair. View yourself as fortunate if your hair is medium length (shoulder-length) —on the off chance that you simply need twists and couldn't care less how huge or little they are, practically any barrel size will work for you!

If you like to play with your hair length or need a hair curling accessory that works whether or not you're wearing your hair extensions, I'd suggest a one-inch barrel. One-inch twists quite often look great, paying little mind to your hair length!

2. Hair Volume or Hair Thickness

tape-in hair extensions

Hair length isn't the be-all-end-all! Hair volume is also very important while choosing your barrel size. In case you're utilizing a bigger barrel size (1/2 to 2 inches) and have long, fine hair, your twists may look deformed and messy soon after styling. On the other side, if you have short, thick hair, you may require a somewhat bigger barrel size to guarantee your twists last.

Similarly, hair extensions are also available in different lengths and volumes. Extensions that weigh under 3.5 ounces are intended for ladies who essentially need an additional length, while extensions that gauge more than 3.5 ounces will include thickness. Remember to read the fine print before purchasing the product!

3. Best Suited for Hair Type

hair extensions for  women

It's implied, yet you'll have a (moderately) simpler time twisting your hair on the off chance that you have naturally curly or wavy hair, and tedious exertion with straight hair! All expectation isn't lost if you have straight hair; hairspray, unwashed hair, and wavy hair extensions ease-out completely. Normally straight hair will, in general, lose twist all the more effectively, so a little hair curling accessory size (1 inch or smaller) is your most solid option: tight twists will last more, and, whenever done appropriately, will, in the end, unwind into delicate waves (as opposed to bowed, slanted locks).

4. Decide on The Look You Want

human hair extensions in India

The entirety of the above components may not make any difference in case you're attempting to create a one of a kind looks. On the off chance that you have long hair however need tight, formal curls on either side of your face, a hair curler with a littler barrel size will be your best bet! In a similar vein, if you have short hair and need free, natural waves, a bigger barrel size may be your companion. experiment with your hair, talk with your hairstylist, and see what barrel size works best for you—you might be astounded with your stylish looks!

Do you have any tips to share, answer in the comments below!

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