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Article: Self-Quarantine: The New Normal

Self-Quarantine: The New Normal

Self-Quarantine: The New Normal


We don't have the foggiest idea whether you understand this yet, but currently, we are living through a rewind version of how our granny’s or great-granny had to spend times. Books, motion pictures, and many-a-Netflix docu-series will tell the story of how boomers, youth, and Gen-Z stayed inside as a savage pandemic carried the world to a stop.

Yet, on a somewhat less sensational note, we all right now are staying inside and giving our best on social distancing, as everybody should, our brains are an excellent mix of creative things. With this available time on our hands, a few of us are profound jumping into pastimes we cherished as adolescents, others are making arrangements to sort out every last trace of their home and others are not putting a tab on their screen-time because of YOLO.

As we embrace this new normal collectively, we're certain you've had a couple of these musings in these quarantines

1. Shorts or PJ’s for #WFHOOTD, eerr all day!

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Working from home has resolved one of the most difficult tasks of the day, what to wear for the office each day! As summers have also hit the roads, we are glad that we could work relaxing at our couches or beds and have no tension of how to style or look best for that meeting!

2. Food is your only BFF!

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Yes, food is our only savior as everyone is trying their best to be the next master chef of India. And not only the females or someone who loves cooking, rather it is one of the new ways to deal with boredom and becoming a helping hand or if you are living alone this is the only way of feeding yourself and also keeping your busy for some time.

3. Grocery shopping is your only reason to dress fancy!

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The only time you are allowed to walk out of your house is to shop for essential needs and that is the new runway for all our ladies to dress up and put on their Diva Divine Hair with your casual contoured face.

4. Social distancing to social media guilt is REAL!

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Nothing else to do as you keep on visiting your Instagram story 13 seconds after you posted it! don’t worry! Since you are not the only one trying to get over this guilty pleasure of social media. The whole world is coming live to kill some time and entertain themselves in some way or the other!

5. CEO of binge-watching web series?

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We all have mastered our ways to catch-up with all the web series or docu-series or movies to watch that wasn’t possible before or are one of the latest releases with the new season. Well, why not, right? The only talk of the town apart from this pandemic is which web-series to watch next!

This is how we relate to our new pattern of self-quarantine days. If you have anything interesting apart from the listed, answer in the comments below.

#stayhome #staysafe

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