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Article: How to Prevent Premature Grey Hair

How to Prevent Premature Grey Hair

How to Prevent Premature Grey Hair

We all have to encounter grey hair at some point in time in our lives and trust me when I say this “our world came crashing down”. Though our mothers would console stating you were turning wiser but our granny self couldn’t help but freak out!

But have you ever wondered what could be the possible reasons for grey hair and what can be the possible remedies for them?

Today, we are going to discuss the reasons for having grey hair and will also help you with some home remedies to control them.

Majorly people are supposed to have grey hair between the age of 30 – 40 because you reach a stage where your melanin cells stop producing. Hence, any grey hair before that age is premature greying (especially in your 20s) which can take place due to various reasons.

Here are a few possible reasons for premature greying:


This is one of the major reasons and you shouldn’t be surprised. Our genes play a huge role in every aspect of our life and here comes the next. Thank your mom and dad for that early grey hair and the sad part is that you can’t even reverse your genetics but you can always cover your greys with effective remedies.


Stress is pure evil and chronic stress may lead to so many problems. Insomnia, anxiety, grey hair to even baldness and wrinkles. It is believed that stress depletes stem cells in your hair follicles.


This disorder usually causes hormonal changes which is one of the reasons for premature grey hair. Apart from influencing your metabolism, the thyroid gland can also affect the color of your hair since it reduces melanin production in the body.


One of the major reasons for premature grey hair, hair fall, baldness, and other health issues is due to pollutant environment. Not only problems related to your hair but issues related to your skin and various other is the consequence of pollution.

We have heard enough about the causes now. So, let us now talk about a few remedies that may cover your grey hair.

 Remedies for Grey Hair

Onion Juice

hair oil

There are multiples ways that we can incorporate Onion in our life. But for someone who cannot consume them, here’s a simple way that can work as a great grey hair remedy: Onion Juice

How to use: All you have to do is mix Onion Juice with Lemon juice and Olive Oil and massage it into your scalp. Keep it for 30 minutes for the best results and then wash your hair. Lemon juice will add shine and bounce to your dull hair and onion juice will stimulate hair growth as well as hair darkening.

Amla Powder

Almond for hair

Amla is one of the first things that comes to our mothers’ minds when it comes to anything related to hair. It is a solution for everything. Amla Powder is one such product that prevents hair loss though it is not a permanent solution for grey hair. It shows great results when applied with coconut oil.

How to use: Heat the oil and mix Amla Powder and massage it into your scalp. Keep it overnight for great results. Make sure washing your hair should be the first thing in the morning to prevent grey hair.


hair treatment

This is one of the ayurvedic products which is used in effective Ayurvedic treatments. One product that has multiple benefits. It works as an effective premature grey hair treatment. It causes zero damage to your natural hair. It is a natural hair color agent as the Black dye is obtained from this product.

How to use: Mix the powder with coconut oil in a hot pan and apply it to your scalp and hair. for best result keep it for an hour and then rinse it with warm water.

Castor Oil

best hair oil for hair

When mixed with Lemon Juice and Henna, castor oil works as a hair mask that will keep a check on your grey hair. Omega-3 fatty acids present in this hair oil prevents grey hair. once the pack is ready, apply it on your scalp and keep it for an hour. Wash your hair with herbal shampoo to keep off premature grey hair.

So, this is our way to prevent grey hair. let me know which product works best for your premature grey hair. Answer in the comments below!

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