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Article: 5 Ways to Get Hair Volume That Lasts for Long

5 Ways to Get Hair Volume That Lasts for Long

5 Ways to Get Hair Volume That Lasts for Long

Looking for volume that could last long?

Did you know: Clip-in Hair Extensions is one the easiest way to get that instant length and volume for that glam girl look!

Apart from that, there are different ways where we can add volume to your hair and have that voluminous look.

  1. Change your regular parting

Have you been parting your hair in precisely the same way since ages? Provided that this is true, the time has come to let your follicles out of their regular style by shifting the side of your hair parting. The reason being that it makes your hair lie flat and by changing to the opposite side or even the center, you will add instant volume and lift to your hair.

  1. It’s The Upside Down

Bye-bye to your regular way of using a hairdryer. It's an ideal opportunity to hang that head topsy-turvy while blow-drying your locks. This normally pulls your hair away from your scalp, adding volume.

Pro Tip: Blowing your whole hair with cool air once it is dry will create fullness and release the blow-dry.

  1. Go the Hair extensions way

You're a young lady and you're responsible for your hair. A great way to liven up your locks is to present layers as they reduce your hair's weight and in a split second add bounce. Adding too many layers or going too short with your hair may become overwhelming.

Pro Tip: If you have thin hair, it is best if you go for clip-in hair extensions

  1. Finger Curl or Braid Wave

Creativity is in our blood ladies! So why not add curls to your hair using your fingers to lightly twist or curl sections of your hair. The moment you have your curls the way you want them, apply some hairspray to hold that look.

Pro Tip: Braid in your wet hair and let it dry for that effortless wave and volume.

  1. Change your color

Did you know: Hair color changes the surface of your hair, improvising your hair texture only to give your hair an additional body? Indeed, an outing to your preferred colorist can give you a magnificent new shade, however, it can likewise build your hair volume.

Pro Tip: When Highlights are set deliberately, they can likewise make your hair look significantly more voluminous. It's everything about deceiving the eye. An incredible method to add highlights while never exposing your tresses to synthetic concoctions or return to the salon for repeated touch-ups is to present hair extensions of a lighter or darker shade.

So, what is your way to add that instant length and volume? Answer in the comments below!

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