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Article: The Secret To A Full Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

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The Secret To A Full Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Among every braided New Hairstyles, you should give Fishtail braid which is an upper hand. That is because; the intricate pattern it shows fascinates other people. Moreover, it flawlessly goes well with every outfit you wear. So, if you feel like they are very complicated, it’s not true!! We will give you a step by step procedure on how to get this hairstyle at home.

Fishtail braid in 8 steps

  1. Get a ponytail
  2. Separate ponytail into two equal sections
  3. Grab a third, smaller strand from the underside of the right section
  4. Pull that third section up and across the right section and tuck it under the left section
  5. Next, grab small strands from the underside of the left section
  6. Pull those strands up and across the left section and tuck it under the right section
  7. Repeat from step 2 to 6 alternatively until you reach the end of your hair
  8. Wrap the hair ends with a thin elastic band.

Tada! With those 8 steps, you can easily get a fishtail braid.

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Types of Fishtail Braids

You can make your simple Simple Braid more sophisticated by trying these four advanced Fishtail Braid hairstyles mentioned below.

Chubby Reverse Fishtail Braid

A normal fishtail braid produces a pattern that is similar to the letter “V”. Nevertheless, the reverse one produces a pattern that looks similar to a carat (^) or we can say, the inverted version of letter V. This hairdo is just right for the formal gatherings.

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Double Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle is not as complicated as it looks. You just have to master the normal Fishtail Braid. It is perfect for the Easy Hairstyles category as it takes no time but still looks cute.

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Fishtail Milkmaid Updo

Acquire this Simple Hairstyle and get yourself a classic, chic and low key look.

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Tips For Fishtail Braids

You can also get a fuller and longer Fishtail braid using Human Hair Extensions. Before we get started, there are a few tips you should know. These braids comb well when your hair is dirty. It sounds gross but if you want to have a clean braid you have to take a break from shampoos. The grits on your unwashed hair holds the braid better than the clean hair. Curly hair holds the braid better than the straight hair. Before you apply Clip-In Extensions on your hair, make sure to comb your hair especially at the ends.

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Now let’s get started!

Put on Clip-in Hair Extensions and comb it thoroughly. Part your hair into two equal segments and make a braid by following the above 8 steps. In order to present yourself in a fashionable way with the braid, pull some thin strands of your hair with the comb to frame your gorgeous face. Neatly tie any fallen strands of hair from the side or back of your head with bobby pins. Next, you can gently pull the sides of the braid with your fingers to give a thick and voluminous exterior to your Fishtail Braids. However, be extra careful while pulling the braids so that all your hard work does not go in vain. Now we are almost done. You can give your looks a final touch by using a hair spray to control flyaway. Finally!!! You are all set for the day. 


Easy Way To Make Fishtail Braids

Alas! Even after these tips, if you feel like the Fishtail Braid is beyond your reach, then we have a trick for you. So are you ready for the surprise? Okay! Let us show you:

  1. Get a low ponytail by using an elastic band that perfectly matches the color of your hair.
  2. Split the hair which is above the elastic band into two.
  3. Flip the pony up and push it through the opening created in step 2.
  4. Use another rubber band after the first twist. Make the same split as step 2. Make a loop and again push it through the opening. 
  5. Repeat these 3 steps until it reaches the end of your hair. Make it more romantic by adding fancy hair accessories and wear it confidently on your date nights.   
Easy Hairstyles

So, are you now convinced about how simple and easy it is to get fake Fishtail Braids? If yes, then follow these basic steps and style it on your own by being a little more creative.

It’s time for you to believe in us and follow our tips and tricks. We are certain that it would be of great help to you.

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