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Article: 5 Simple Hairstyle Ideas And Tricks Using Clip in Hair Extensions

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5 Simple Hairstyle Ideas And Tricks Using Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions have become most convenient and conducive for hairstyle lovers. Creating your ideal look in a matter of seconds and of course, saving time and money is everyone’s cup of tea. Trendsetting is a big deal and hairstyles are one of the primary contributors. Every now and then, we desire a switch and newer look to add a little flavor in our daily grind.  And what better way to do it than by using clip in hair extensions!

Try these 5 simple hairstyles and tricks with clip hair extensions to enhance your look without the hassle. These new hairstyles will assist you to get more innovative with your look and allow you to add more versatility in your appearance. It is also imperative that you understand which hairstyle caters to you best. 

1. High Bun

High Bun - Divadivine,human hair extensions,the best hair extensions,best tape in hair extensions

  • Section your hair like you would do while applying clip-ins. Clip your first piece up high and, in the position, where you want your bun to sit. 
  • It is important that all pieces are clipped in close together and in the correct position. This will make sure that all wefts are hidden and your clip-ins will be invisible. 
  • Once all the pieces are clipped in, it is necessary that you brush through any tangles and pull your hair back into a high pony. 
  • Get a good hold of the ponytail, twist, and wrap around to shape a big messy bun.
  • Secure into place with help of bobby pins and you have achieved a HIGH BUN!


2. Double Dutch Braids

Dutch Double Braid - DivaDivine,best real hair extensions,

  • Start off by creating a perfect middle part all the way to the nape of the neck. Then section off one side to prepare for your clip in hair extensions. 
  • Remember! The most important step while using a clip hair extension for a double dutch braid is when and where you clip them; Just turn them around and vertically clip them. We highly recommend you to use 2 and 3 clip pieces. To make certain that the pieces are invisible or undetectable once applied, section off the hair diagonally in line where the braid will be. Repeat the same on the other side. For best results, use at least 2 pieces per side. 
  • Once your extensions are installed, meticulously brush through to make sure everything is smooth. After successfully doing so, section off one side of your hair to prepare for braiding. 
  • Now to create the Dutch braid, take a small piece of hair from the front and split it into 3 sections. Then fold the outside section over into the middle one at a time, taking another strand from underneath as you go. Repeat these steps till you reach the nape, then continue by making a regular braid all the way down. Secure your hair with an elastic and repeat the same on the other side. 
  • Finally, to end the process, loosen and pull apart the braid for adding more volume and you are done!

3. Half Bun

New hair style for girls 2020,quality extensions,best extensions for hair

  • Clip-in most of the wefts into the lower half of your hair.
  • Now clip in a few smaller wefts upside down to the half pony portion of your hair. Clipping the wefts upside down creates a seamless effect.
  • Pull this section of your hair up into a pony.
  • Secure the half pony and fluff your hair up a bit.
  •  To jazz up your look, you can go for highlighted clip-in extensions and also add in some loose curls at the ends.


4. Low Bun

Easy Hairstyle - Diva Divine,what are the best hair extensions,top hair extension

  • Firstly, clip in your hair extensions. Need not apply many wefts, just about enough to give your hair some extra length. Hair extensions are what takes this simple look to the next level. 
  • Create a section at the bottom of your head and apply a 2-clip weft. After that, make another section above it and apply a 4-clip weft.
  • Before creating a low bun, with the help of a hairbrush, get your hair ready by brushing through gently and get rid of any knots or tangles. 
  • By tracing a line from the tip of your nose, make a center parting. 
  • To give some extra volume, slightly backcomb the hair at the top of your head. 
  • Pull your hair back into a low ponytail position. 
  • Take your hairband and pull your ponytail just halfway through the band. 
  • Next, pull the end of your ponytail back into the band to make your low bun. 
  • For your buns to look best, pull at it a little to make it bigger and voluminous. 
  • Finally, take your hair grips and secure your bun in place so it stays put. You can get a little innovative by pulling out a few strands of hair from the front of your head. 


5. Natural Wavy 

New Hairstyle - Diva Divine,top hair extension,best online hair extensions,ahir extentions

  • To get a natural wavy look, an easy trick is to blend 2 different shades together. For instance, mix the G-2 dark coffee brown set with a G-4 medium brown set. 
  • Because most of the darkness is at the bottom of the hair, clip in most of the dark coffee brown wefts towards the bottom of your head and then start to alternate the weft from the darker shade and the lighter shade as you get higher up. This creates a beautiful highlighted effect. 
  • Just choose a shade that matches your base and shade that matches your highlights. 

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