Best Hair Care Tips for Every Hair Type

The new year has always been a sign of a new start to a new journey or sometimes maybe a new chapter in your life!

But this time it’s not just a new year, in fact, it’s a new decade which is officially upon us.

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to set yourself up for a healthy and productive year, be it with a gym membership to the simplest of all like drinking a glass of water every hour. But have you ever given a thought of Hair resolution 2020?

Yes, you heard it right!

So, this new year start your hair care routine that will keep your locks feeling happy and healthy.  Either following a full-fledged hair detox or mastering a new hairstyle, there are tons of ways to make your hair shine like a diva!

  1. Bye-bye old products

The best way to start a resolution is to cleanse your bathroom by throwing away stuff that is no longer required. Be it your shampoo or conditioner that has expired or other grooming products. Ideally, any hair care or hair styling product that is over 2 years old should be replaced with the new one. The product that is natural or has natural ingredients tend to expire in comparison to those with pumps.

  1. Winter Care

Now you can go for new products that can be added to your hair care regime. With this weather taking a toll and making your hair brittle and dry, it is best if you for a nourishing shampoo, followed by a deep conditioning mask every week. Olive oil, coconut oil, etc., helps in avoiding frizz in your hair, while a hair scrub will make sure you are away from a flaky scalp.

  1. Regular Trims

It is always advised to go for a regular trim every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair healthy. Waiting for too long may cause split-ends that can lead to weaker hair causing breakage. Luckily, your 2020 hair resolution is the perfect way to get back on track.

  1. Healthy Diet

One the best and the easiest way to have beautiful locks is through your hair-friendly foods! Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals promote hair growth. There are plenty of veggies right from avocados to sweet potato that contains specific nutrients to help your hair grow.

  1. Heat-free Challenge

Giving yourself a challenge of going heat-free can help your hair breathe. Heating tools can actually take away natural oils and proteins, leaving your hair high and dry. But a month-long challenge can help hair regain their strength and protect you from damage.

  1. Hair extensions and wigs

How about going for something new this decade? What about something that can change your hair look instantly? Trust me when I say these hair extensions and wigs are one of the best when it comes to instant change or going in for something new. You can go chemical-free when it comes to changing your hair color to giving yourself a makeover! Experimenting with the best trend is a lot more easy with these hair accessories.

  1. Silk Pillows covers

Silk pillow covers are one of the best changes when it comes to your hair care regime. With Diva Divine’s latest collection of super-smooth textured silk covers launching this year, let your hair glide freely making it visibly smoother and shinier in the morning. Silk pillowcases are the best when it comes to your skin, as they prevent wrinkles and build up fewer bacteria, unlike regular cotton pillowcases.

 So, what is your hair resolution 2020? Answer in the comments below!

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