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Invisible Parting Topper - Medium (4x4)

Rs. 10,900.00
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Diva Divine’s invisible parting topper effectively covers the desired area with easy application. With a Swiss lace base and a free parting, it lets you part the hair as you wish. It comprises 5 clips to maintain a stronghold on the hair so that you do not restrict your movement.

For customization of the hair topper, contact Diva Divine's service centre.

Texture : Straight
  • High-quality material used
  • Tangle free
  • 100% remy virgin hair
  • Safe for heating tools
  • Can be colored
  • Can be washed after use
  • Can be curled
  • Swiss lace base
  • Blends with your hair completely
  • Quick and easy application

Customer Ask

01. How do I know what size hair topper to get?

When you buy a topper, you should buy one at least 1-2 inches longer than your bio hair. Measure from the crown to the bottom in the back center of your hair. Some toppers, however, are short and meant to fill in a crown for short to mid-layered hair.

02. Can a hair topper be longer than your hair?

An issue with wearing toppers is that your bio hair will not always be the same length as the topper hair. And when you wear your hair in a shorter length, it can often be more obvious if your topper is longer or shorter than your bio hair.

03. What are the different types of hair toppers?

There are multiple types of toppers

  • Based on lace material: lace base, silk base, and mono base.
  • Based on coverage: 4x4 Topper, 5x5 Topper, 5x2.5 Topper.

You can also buy the length of the hair you need; the length can also be customized.

04. Can you wear a topper with short hair?

Yes, you can! Wearing a topper is by no means restricted to women with long hair. You can achieve the same look with short hair with the help of a short hair topper

05. Who should wear 4x4 hair topper?

4x4” Hair Toppers are perfect for women with hair thinning in the front. This is a budget-friendly topper that gives coverage and adds a little bit of volume to your sides.

06. Who should wear 4x4 hair topper?

The long-term investment of a good human hair topper set will start from INR 10900, with an average life span of a year. We suggest using expert advice to take care of your extensions so that you can increase the life span of your extension easily.

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Customers Review

Wow wow.. Perfect fit with amazing colour and shape. Lots of thanks... will recommend all my friends to buy the Hair Extensions from Diva Divine

Pooja Singh

Out here I trimmed the hair bangs to suit my hair natural length and texture. It's smooth, strong and looks awesome. The Color looked very natural too.

Nisha Gupta

First time user of a wig and I must say it's good. Fits in properly and it just transformed my look completely… Loving it.

Shalini Rawat