½ Oz brush on Ultra Hold Adhesive

Rs. 3,500.00

For soft bonding, Ultra-Hold glue is the industry standard. It is a popular Maximum Wear adhesive which is also a great addition to men’s long hair accessories. In addition to perimeter bonding and hair patch glue, this adhesive is a very good lace hold glue.

An acrylic adhesive lasts more than 4+ weeks that is consistently reliable throughout time, so it is an ideal hair glue for wigs. You can remove it easily with a liquid adhesive. In addition, it dries clear and is durable; it is a great addition to lace front wig accessories.

Customers Ask

Human hair wigs are just like your natural hair, and so, it is recommended that they are washed every 1-2 weeks of wearing them. Washing them with a mild, sulfate-free shampoo and using a loop brush to comb them improves their life span.

No. Hair extensions cause no damage to your natural hair if they are worn properly and taken well care of. Get them installed by a professional hairstylist and wear them when you want to enhance the volume and length of your hair.

Yes. You can style human hair toppers just like your natural hair. These hair toppers can be colored and heat-styled as you want.

Yes. Human hair patches cover the bald spots on your head, looking just like your natural hair. Make sure you are wearing them properly. You can also get them installed by a professional hairstylist.

Customers Review

Wow wow.. Perfect fit with amazing colour and shape. Lots of thanks... will recommend all my friends to buy the Hair Extensions from Diva Divine

Pooja Singh

Out here I trimmed the hair bangs to suit my hair natural length and texture. It's smooth, strong and looks awesome. The Color looked very natural too.

Nisha Gupta

First time user of a wig and I must say it's good. Fits in properly and it just transformed my look completely… Loving it.

Shalini Rawat