10 Gorgeous Layered Hairstyles for Long, Short and Medium Hair

Layered hairstyles are an excellent option for women with varying hair types. Depending on your choice, layers come in different lengths, short or long. These layers are great for every occasion and outfit. There is no age limit when it comes to layered hairstyles. 

However, if you look for a different look, you need to try these ten layered hairstyles. It comes in multi-layer haircuts. You can pick any one of your favourites, whether you want layered hairstyles for long hair or curly hair. 

Here are ten gorgeous layered hairstyles (long layered hair, short layered hair, medium layered hair) and haircut ideas that will inspire you:

Long layered hair

Long Layered Hair

Everyone’s favourite long layered haircuts for endless and fabulous look

1. Mind-blowing layered haircuts

Layered Hairstyles

Long layers are usually kept without cutting the ends, not more than a couple of inches from the ends. You can achieve this mind-blowing layered look by keeping your locks at waist-length. It is styled this way, mostly. In the end, you get the best volume and texture you love. Long layered hair is the best choice for women who want to reduce weight on the head and get rid of split-ends. This mind-blowing long layered hair cut is all about adding texture and style to your hair. 

If you want more length on this look, choose human hair extensions from Diva Divine hair store. These extensions will not only add length, but you will also get volume and a natural look because their extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair.  

2. Long layered haircut with Beachy waves

Long layered haircut with Beachy waves

The best Beachy Waves to elevate your gorgeous face

Beachy waves are the perfect hairstyle for long layered hair. You will look spectacular and gorgeous within this long layered haircut with Beach waves. Choose choppy layers to achieve a modern and effortless look. Long layered haircut with beach waves is a favourite among women.   

To create luscious waves, use a curling wand and curl it in small sections, but I recommend braiding your hair the night before to achieve stunning heatless beach waves, 

3. Layered haircut with cute bangs

Layered haircut with cute bangs

Cute Bangs and Messy Texture Haircuts for long faces look so good with textured styling

Bangs are a great addition to your long layers for an everyday look and formal affairs. It is one of the best hairstyles. It looks incredible when cut at an angle to blend the rest of the layered look. If you want to have a modern and chic look, add subtle layers on your hair instead of block side fringes. Ask your hairstylist to cut and style your bangs on one side and soften your hair. The subtle layers will add a movement to your hair.         

Short layered hair

Short Layered Hair

This short layered hairstyle features choppy layers all throughout the back and sides for a textured, messy look

Short layered haircuts are the perfect hairstyle for women who want to achieve a youthful and fresh look. It goes from ear to neck-length with short layers on the top and long layers at the bottom; this type of haircut adds a lot of volume and shape. Layers on short hair add texture, fullness, and dimension, and it is a great hairstyle option for women with thin and delicate hair. Short layered hair can be styled in different ways.

1. Pixie cut

Pixie cut

Pixie haircuts are making a comeback this year and for good reason—the short and sassy style

Choose this pixie cut with layers if you are tired of your long hair. This hairstyle is easy to care for and does not require a lot of effort to styling. Most women prefer this haircut because it provides a fresh look. Don’t hesitate and explore your beauty with a pixie cut hairstyle. With brow-grazing layers, a Pixie cut is effortless to style and look extravagant. 

2. Cute Brunette Bob-cut

Brunette Bob-Cut

Tousled Brunette Lob it’s easy to wear your long bob cut.

Achieve a sassy and cute look in a brunette shade. This short pixie bob-cut is perfect because it is easy to style. This is the best haircut during hot summer days. . All you have to do is tuck side pieces behind your ears, keeping a few layers in front of a trendy and adorable look. 

3. Long Pixie

Long Pixie

A long pixie-cut is an elegant hairstyle and saves you a lot of time

A long pixie-cut is an elegant hairstyle and saves you a lot of time in the morning because you don’t have to style it. It is easy to manage, and it looks great on women with straight, wavy, and curly hair. They do not require hair treatment and any special styling tools or skills. A quick blow-dry after a shower is all you need.

 Are you having a bad day with short hair at times? Do not stress about it. You can always look for hair extensions and wigs to add volume and dimension to your natural hair. The hair extensions are convenient for you if you want to achieve long sleek hair for any occasions. Online shopping is one of the convenient options that are endless. Pick the right hair extensions to suit your face and personality from Diva Divine Hair Store. It will help you achieve the best-layered haircuts using the best qualities and types of hair extensions. 

Medium layered hair

Medium Layered Hair

Medium length layered hair styles look fabulous

Medium length hair is popularly known as shoulder-length hair. Medium layered hair has short layers on the top and longer ones at the ends. This layered haircut never goes out of style and is a favourite among most women. It works wonders from the retro period, and still, it lives on. The mid-length hairstyle looks spectacular on every face shape and can be styled in many ways. 

1. Curly shoulder length hair with bangs

Curly Shoulder Length With Bangs

 Curly shoulder length hair with bangs

You can achieve curls with medium layered hair, and it looks fabulous with bangs on it. Try this haircut and show off your beauty with natural bounce and volume movement. Curly medium hair length with bangs is perfect if you want to achieve a glamorous look. The perks of keeping bangs are because it hides your wrinkles and frames your face. 

2. Shoulder Length Haircut with Flicked Ends

Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length haircut with flicked ends

Spice up your haircut with this flicked look and choppy ends on your medium length hair. Layers are a must with flicked ends to add movement and volume to your hairstyle. You can do a quick blow-dry to achieve this flicked look on your shoulder-length hair. 

3. Messy Feathered Cut

Messy Feathered cut

Try this messy feathered haircut on your medium length hair

If you are tired of straight and wavy hairstyle, try this messy feathered haircut on your medium length hair. It is a fun hairstyle/ haircut that has face-framing layers? Achieve a youthful and sun-kissed look with this messy feathered haircut. Choose this effortless messy hair cut for an everyday look. 

4. Shaggy Medium with Bangs

Shaggy Medium with Bangs

It’s the new shag with bangs that’s taking over salons everywhere

The shaggy cut is trendy and adds a lot of volume to your thin hair. It provides you with a chic and effortless look. Shag hairstyles look great with bangs because it frames your face. This haircut helps you achieve a fresh and messy look. 


Layered haircuts are versatile. You can achieve various hairstyles with this layer cut. It adds more attractive shapes to your hair. Try this fantastic gorgeous layered hairstyle for long, short, and medium hair. 


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