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Article: 5 Tips To Secure Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

Diva Divine Clip in hair extensions for women

5 Tips To Secure Your Clip-In Hair Extensions

Whenever you wear clip-in extensions it gives you leverage to shift your style and hair look instantly. The best part about clip-in hair extensions is that they give you an immediate temporary solution but the point to be noted is that it is temporary which is a good as well as a bad thing. Good thing because whenever you need it it is available and the bad thing is it might not be as secure as sew-in hair extensions.

Well, do not panic if you have clip-in hair extensions with you and you are afraid that they might slip off. This blog will entirely focus on some smart tips that you can put into use so that whenever you wear your clip-in hair extensions, they are secured and as solid as sew-in extensions. So let’s get started.

Tip 1- Hair Teasing

Installing Diva Divine clip in hair extensions

Tease hair for better support

Whenever you are wearing clip-in hair extensions. Make sure that you tease your natural hair so that it creates the buff and volume for your clip-in extensions to sit on them perfectly.

To tease your hair all you have to do is direct them in a vertical direction and do a slide back on Bing so that it gives them volume and a little height. As the height is more, the clip can sit beneath easily, and with the teased hair, the friction is solid to hang on to the clips perfectly.

Tip 2- Hair Section

Section hair to install Diva Divine clip in hair extensions

Clean Sectioning Helps

Do not put your clip-in extensions as it is on your head. Firstly, make proper planning about where you want them to be attached and in which manner.

Then you have to section your hair in different segments, under which, or over which the clip-in extensions will be attached. If you do the hair sectioning, the clip-in extensions can be installed easily without creating any mess and will be installed to perfection.

Tip 3- Separate Working

Attach the clip in hair extensions from Diva Divine

Separation brings perfection

If you are having a 10 set of clip-in hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions with multiple units in it, make sure that you go section by section. If you start putting all of the extensions together, it might be a little chaotic, and because of this, you might skip out to clip all the extensions to your head, which may increase the chances of them falling out. So go section by section.

Firstly, cover the ground area, then the mid area, then the bottom of your neck. Or you can go to the right side, left side, and middle side method. Well, it depends on which kind of extension you are using, and then accordingly work on assigned sections individually to get the best of your hair extensions.

Tip 4- Long Hair Fold

Secure Diva Divine clip in hair extensions

Keep hair clips and scrunchies handy

Whenever you are installing clip-in hair extensions on long hair, make sure that the long hair which is going to sit above the clip-in hair extensions is folded in a hair clip or a scrunchy. Because if the hair that is going to go above your clip-in hair extensions is also open, the chances are very strong that they might get tangled, or can even get hooked to your clips which could slightly slip off your hair extensions in a few hours. So to avoid any hair falling off, be sure that your long hair is fully tucked in.

Tip 5- Always Attach To The Heavy Base

Diva Divine hair toppers for women

Heavy base is always a solid foundation

Whenever you are wearing clip-in hair extensions, make sure you clip your extensions to the base that has good hair volume so that your clips get a strong grip. If you clip the extensions in areas where the hair volume is very less, the chances are that with the weight of extensions, your roots of natural hair may break, and again the slipping of the extensions could possibly happen.

So try to place the extensions in the dense hair volume area. Well, if you are wearing a human hair topper from our brand, it has clips from all the sides 360° so the chances of falling off even in the less volume hair area are equivalent to zero. But this tip is very effective for other kinds of clip-in hair extensions.

So yeah, it is that easy! If you just keep the steps in the mind, you will be able to have an interesting and easy experience with clip-in hair extensions. Diva Divine has a wide range of clip-in hair extensions that has silicone soft clips, which are not rough for your skin and have a strong hold and grip. To check the variety you can explore, our catalog in the menu above.


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