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Article: Everything That You Need To Know About Permanent Hair Extensions

Diva Divine Hair extensions  to give you the celebs feels

Everything That You Need To Know About Permanent Hair Extensions

Everyone dreams of having beautiful long hair that makes you look like a Diva! A few have pretty long, dreamy, and healthy hair, but that’s not the case with everyone. Not everyone is blessed with it naturally. Some may need extra help from other sources.

That’s where hair extensions come in. They can instantly increase the length and volume of your hair, cover up a bad haircut, add dimension to your hair, and add color to them without the use of harmful chemicals.

And suppose you are someone who keeps track of all the latest celebrity hairstyles. In that case, you will know that some of the top A-listers of Hollywood, like Beyonce to J-lo to the Kardashian, and even our top Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone to Priyanka Chopra and more, all bank on hair extensions for a quick and easy makeover.

You might be wondering how these hair extensions work and how many types there are and whether they are good for you or not, and lots of other factors that need to be taken into consideration. Let’s try and answer these questions in the blog below.

Permanent Hair Extensions: Know Them Better

Permanent hair extensions for women from Diva Divine

Permanent hair extensions and their benefits

The world of permanent hair extensions is very dreamy; you don’t need to worry about styling your hair every morning and can avoid the morning rush! They will last longer than the other variants (the temporary ones like Clip in hair extensions) and will give you the freedom to style your hair however you want.

There are majorly 4 types of permanent hair extensions that we will talk about here - Tape in, Micro fusion, Keratin bond, and Sew in hair extensions.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape in extensions is a permanent extensions consisting of a 4cm wide weft of hair secured at the top position with medical-grade tape. The adhesive part is covered by a sticky tape that can be easily peeled and re-taped.

The tape in hair extension is applied by sandwiching two layers of weft between your own hair. You should note that the hair in between the tape should be the same thickness as the tape to ensure that the weight of the extension is easily distributed.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions are extensions that use keratin bonds to attach the hair extensions instead of tapes or glues. They are installed on each small section of the hair with small beads of keratin adhesive at the tip. The adhesive is made of keratin protein that glues the extensions to the hair.

They are installed very carefully by trained professionals and blend perfectly with your hair as they are attached near the roots. The keratin bond adhesives are melted with the help of a special tool.

The stylist molds the melted keratin adhesive into a solid attachment by rolling it between their fingers. The stylist will proceed to the bottom section and gradually work their way up. Following the extensions' installation, you can comb through your hair and style it as you like.

Micro-Link Hair Extensions

Micro-link extensions are used to attach individual hair extension tips to small hair wefts. With specialized hair pliers, a micro-ring or nano-bead is clamped to each individual tip. The tips of the beads are designed in tidy rows all around the head and are colored to match your natural hair.

When correctly applied, this technique can be a highly safe and discreet way to attach the extension to the hair because it doesn't need heat or glue.

Sew in Hair Extensions

It is the most permanent and long-lasting form of hair extension because of the extra secure fit. Women with thicker and coarse hair prefer this method of installing hair extensions over others. Your natural hair is first braided into cornrows, and then the extension is added by using a needle and thread to weave it into the braids. Depending on the number of rows required, installation can take up to three hours or more depending on the length of the hair you requested.

Pros & Cons Of Permanent Hair Extensions

Pros and cons of permanent hair extensions

Make an informed decision

Once you know which kind of permanent extensions you want, you should also know their pros and cons to make an informed decision.

Tape in Hair Extensions


  • By far, tape in extensions is the safest method of installing hair extensions to your hair.
  • They are a quick and easy way to add length and volume to your hair.
  • They are relatively inexpensive when compared to other permanent hair extensions.
  • There are no special tools or heat required to install them.
  • They look very natural as the extensions are spread throughout the head and lay flat on the scalp.
  • The tapes can be reused and last for 6–8 weeks.


  • You cannot wash your hair or do any sort of activity that will lead to sweating after you get the tape ins installed for at least 48 hours. (That's the amount of time taken to dry the adhesive on the tape.)
  • You cannot swim with them.
  • You cannot style your hair in ponytails or any updos.
  • You have to be careful while brushing your hair as the tapes can get pulled.
  • No use of silicone-based products or oils as they may cause the tapes to slip down.

Keratin Hair Extensions


  • It is one of the most durable methods, which can stay up to 6 months with proper care, of course.
  • The extensions blend perfectly well with your hair, as no defining lines determine where natural hair ends and extensions start.
  • With the right amount of hair extensions, it can even be applied to short hair.


  • The price and maintenance cost is higher.
  • It takes around 2-4 hours for installation.
  • Some women experience itchy scalps, discomfort, and even headache in the first few hours after installation.
  • Direct heat to the bonds for blow drying or other styling purposes is discouraged.

Micro-Link Hair Extensions


  • Since it doesn’t require any heat or glue for installment it is relatively less damaging to your hair.
  • The rings or beads can be removed and reused.
  • It blends easily with your natural hair.
  • They are easy to wash and care for as well.


  • It can cause stress and even breakage to your natural hair as pliers clamp the beads to them.
  • It is not ideal for people with short hair.
  • You can’t make ponytails or updos.

Sew in Hair Extensions


  • They are ideal for women with thick and coarse hair.
  • They do not require any heat, adhesives, or special tools for installation.
  • You can apply oil or silicone-based styling products to your hair.
  • They can last for about 3-4 months with good care.
  • Even short hair women can get them done.


  • It is not recommended for fine hair women
  • Requires proper washing and maintenance.
  • Only a professional can install and remove them.
  • To install them, braids are a must, and this can cause a lot of stress, and pain on your scalp and can even lead to traction alopecia.
  • The installation can take up to 4-5 hours.


Having permanent hair extensions takes away most of your hair worries. You save time getting ready; you have new and improved hair that is long, bouncy, and shiny. They also require care and maintenance to keep them from tangling and keep their sheen intact.

With permanent hair extensions from a renowned brand like Diva Divine, you can be rest assured that you will only get the best of quality and service. We have highly trained professionals who cater to your individual needs and give you only the best for you to look your best!


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