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Article: How To Color Your Human Hair Wigs Without Ruining Them?

Colorful human hair wigs for women from Diva Divine hair extensions and wigs
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How To Color Your Human Hair Wigs Without Ruining Them?

If you enjoy experimenting with exciting hair color trends and different haircuts to reflect your personality, then cutting and coloring your own hair at home is nothing new for you.

Wearing a wig is a game-changer, especially if you prefer to play around with your hair color. The commitment is short-term, whether you wear a hairpiece every day at work or only for one night at a party. Thus, if you've been longing to try blonde hair but worry about harming your natural strands, a wig is a terrific option to take a new color for a test run.

It's time to invest in a few hair wigs when your natural hair desperately needs a break, but your imagination never takes one. The only problem? These wigs are quite costly. We can assist you if you're wondering how to color a wig at home but want to avoid damaging it.

What Kind Of Wig Do You Have?

The best natural hair wigs from Diva Divine for women

Natural hair wigs are the no1 choice.

It all comes down to the kind of wig you will use to dye. The procedure's success depends on the kind of wig you have, meaning whether it is a synthetic wig or one made from human hair.

Although synthetic hair can be dyed, you cannot use standard hair dyes to do so since synthetic fibers cannot be penetrated like natural hair. Moreover, synthetic hair strands are damaged by the chemicals in these colors. In order to color the synthetic fibers, you must first prepare your dye. Moreover, synthetic wigs are easily obtained in various colors, and dying them is yet to be a common practice.

If the wig you're using is made entirely of human hair, you can easily color it. Simply use regular color hair dye as if you were coloring your own hair on your head. Diva Divine human hair wigs are made from 100% human hair and will give you a very natural appearance when put on.

Tools Required For Dyeing Your Human Hair Wig

Hair coloring tools for your Diva Divine wigs

Get all of them ready before you start coloring your wig.

  • To protect your floors and counters, make sure you first grab a few trash bags. The finest places to work are on a spotless, flat surface like a counter or a hard surface floor, as one found in a kitchen or bathroom.
  • You should also have a T-pin set, and a foam wig stand to keep the wig in place.
  • Next, gather foil (if you intend to do highlights), bowls and brushes for color mixing and application, and clips and combs to separate the hair.
  • Depending on the shade you want, you may also require some of your favorite bleach, peroxide (20 volumes is safe), and your preferred color.

You are now prepared to start the hair coloring procedure.

Steps To Color Your Wig

Color your human hair wig from Diva Divine

Happy coloring

  • If necessary, take out the yellow when starting with a blonde wig. Some lighter wigs don't need it, but if it's a touch too yellow, wash it out with purple shampoo, then let it air dry.
  • Since not all wigs—even blonde ones—carry the same colors, you should always do a test before using any form of color treatment. Due to this irregularity, you won't always receive the same results when depositing color onto the strands; always perform a test in the rear to determine what you're working with and get a clear picture of the outcome.
  • Work one small section at a time, lightly covering it with broad swoops to avoid creating boundaries. Never squeeze the brush when you reach the roots; instead, gently stroke upward to blend (using an angled brush will help you get closer to the roots without touching the wig's actual lace).
  • Allow the color to sit for at least 30-40 minutes before rinsing with cool water and follow it up with a conditioner. After styling and attaching your wig, use a lace tint spray to make the lace more skin-tone-appropriate.

Things To Keep In Mind

The following points should be kept in mind when dyeing your own wig at home:

  • Never process your color with heat.
  • Time your color carefully after application.
  • Get professional assistance if the desired look you're striving for is complicated.
  • Only dye after first performing a strand test.
  • If your wig's ends are frayed, be sure to give them some conditioning treatments and a haircut.

Coloring your human hair wigs at home can be enjoyable and doesn't have to be all that difficult. But, one mistake can ruin the condition of your human hair wig, and a beautiful wig costs money, so color carefully.

To conclude, if you want to color your human hair wigs on your own, you must follow all the steps mentioned above. This will ensure you don’t ruin your wigs in the process. And to get the best of the best wigs, buy from Diva Divine hair extensions.

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