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Article: 6 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Hair Extensions

Care for your Diva Divine Hair Extensions

6 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not at all a very reasonable purchase. It makes you invest some good chunk of money especially if you are buying human hair extensions. However, the human hair extensions outlive their cost with their durability, flexibility and maintenance.

But still mastering some of the skills that can extend their shelf life to a couple of more months is no harm, and that is why this blog is designed to acquaint you with some of the smart tips to extend the shelf life of your hair extensions.

Just take care of these points to keep them in healthy state for the longest. So keep scrolling to know more.

Avoid Multiple Products


Avoid multiple products on your Diva Divine hair extensions

Excess Products=Less Shelf life

When you have bought yourself the pair of good human hair extensions, you can use them in any way you want but when it comes to experimentation it will be better if you limit the uses and best to quit the idea of experimentation on synthetic ones. As your real hair might not be receptive to all type of products.

Similarly, human hair extensions are also subjective to the kind of products you are using. So putting complicated mousses, hair oils or shampoo items that you are not sure of, can lead to breakage or discoloration of the hair. Also human hair extensions are receptive of hair colors, but bleaching them back to back can effect the texture.

So, it will be better to use the product in its natural state as much as possible.

BrushThem Well


Brush your hair extensions

Brush hair down to up to UP the life of your extensions

When you are brushing your hair extensions, you should be careful as to how you are brushing them. If you use teeth comb, make sure you brush from the bottom and them go in an upward direction. If you start brushing from top to down there are very probable chances that you are going to destroy the weft, and the hair will start falling out from the extension.

Also, whenever you are brushing your hair extensions, divide your hair into little sections, and then brush them. Use a wide tooth comb or flat brush so that minimum pressure is exerted on your extensions.

Clean When Required


Use mild hair products on your Diva Divine hair extensions for women

Wash when your extensions ASK for it

Cleaning hair extensions is very important just like washing your hair. If you have clip in hair extensions, you can wash them in your basin with lukewarm water and if you have semi-permanent extensions on, you can wash them as usual under shower with above-mentioned temperature water.

Also, whenever you are washing your extensions, use paraben free and sulphate free products only as they are not harsh on the hair and keep them smooth for the longest.

The one very important thing to notice is that you should only wash the extensions when you feel that they are greasy or extra rough. So do not wash them by setting up a calendar, but better wash them seeing how the texture of the hair extensions is at the moment. Usually, the hair extensions can be washed after 10 to 15 wears.

Do Not Sleep Wearing Them On


Don't sleep with hair extensions on

Sleeping with extensions can be nightmare for them

You can wear the extensions day and night, but when it comes to sleep, you have to do all right! Well, it means that whenever you are sleeping with your extensions on, due to fabric friction, your extensions can become frizzy and can even lose the grip from the Weft.

So, it’s better that you put them in a proper storage and then sleep, in case you are wearing semi-permanent extensions, either sleep with the silk cap or use a silk pillowcase.

Experimental Styling Should Be Limited


Minimum styling on your human hair extensions from diva divine hair extensions

Have considerate fun with hair extensions

Best part about human hair extensions is that you can style them as per your desire. But when it comes to styling, you have to make sure you don’t get gaga about it. Meaning, it is okay to experiment with them once or twice a week in terms of heat styling but if you do it daily, it may show you same results as you can see on you real hair- dried with stripped off moisture.

So be careful about that. Even if you have heat style it regularly, make sure you use heat protectant sprays or UV ray protection serums to keep the health and shine of the hair intact. 

Or you can use colored hair extensions or hair extensions with different styles and textures to give you a different look for special occasions.

Find Perfect Storage


Store your diva divine hair extensions for women in clean bags

Right Storage Is Fundamental

As important as it is to learn how to install hair extensions, equally it is important to uninstall and keep them in proper shape so that their texture, shape and shine doesn’t get affected.

So, to find perfect storage, make sure that the place

  • Does Not have direct sunlight
  • Is Not Damp
  • Is cool and dry place
  • Have space enough that the length of hair extensions can easily be accommodated.

You can now store them either in the original packing in which they came, lay them straight on a towel and cover it, or use two clip hangers. Just make sure you store hair extensions every time after brushing them post uninstall to avoid any knots or tangles.

Here we end with ABCDEF of how to keep the hair extensions in their perfect shape for the longest. If you follow these hacks religiously, your extensions will extend to 3 months more in synthetic extensions and in human hair extensions to 9 more! So, it is better to invest in human hair extensions from brands like Diva Divine that respond best to these hacks for a happy long life.


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