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Article: Are Silk Toppers Worth it ?

Are Silk Toppers Worth it ?
Best Hair Toppers

Are Silk Toppers Worth it ?

Excessive hair loss affects your confidence and self-image. You don't want to go out with thin, flat hair on your head. What should you do? Choose a hair topper that can conceal your bald spots.

Before you start with anything it's important to know what a hair topper is. Choosing the right hair topper is very necessary to enhance your look or else your look can turn out to be preposterous. Identify the right topper for yourself with this handheld guide and style it the way you want.

What is a Silk Base Topper?Silk base human hair toppers for beautiful hair

Silk base human hair toppers for beautiful hair

A lot of people, especially women, always take care of their hair. It is an essential part of your look. There are many questions about hair care tips, hair loss, and solutions to get fuller hair.

Human hairpieces like silk toppers are the best and fastest way to get fuller hair. They are readily available in many shapes, sizes, and colors and fit all the requirements. So, what is a silk base human topper?

Silk Hair Toppers have a natural-looking hairline. They are undetectable and appear like your scalp. The lace base is comfortable, and the hair is hooked directly on the material. It consists of two layers i.e. a silk layer and a layer of lace material.

The strands are hand-sewn under the silk base and concealed in the layers to enhance the appearance of the hair coming from your real scalp. So, you don't have to bleach the knots to make them invisible. The silk base is durable, looks natural, and blends well with your skin tone.

Why were they made?

Silk toppers provide volume and coverage on top

Silk toppers provide volume and coverage on top

Human hair toppers are some of the best solutions for women with thinning hair on the crown of their head. They are great for women with fine or flat hair because it provides Hair Volume and coverage on the top.

How are they different from wigs?

Wigs cover your whole head. However, that's not the case with hair toppers. They have a smaller base of the hair that can be clipped onto an area of your head. They are perfect for covering hair thinning on the crown or front area of your head. They blend with your hair well and provide the most natural look. They are light to wear and not as bulky as wigs.

Why should you opt for a silk base hair topper?

Silk toppers for the most natural look and feel

Silk toppers for the most natural look and feel

It appears natural

A hair topper with a silk base allows you to part your hair anywhere you want. It has a knotless base that looks natural when worn and maintained with proper care. The topper looks like a small wig and does not cover your whole head. It is perfect for those with thinning hair on the scalp area. Mix your natural hair with the hairpiece for a realistic appearance.

It adds volume and length

Silk Hair Toppers not only cover your bald spot but also give you fuller and longer tresses. They add instant hair volume and length to provide you with the hair you want. Human hair toppers are recommended because they are versatile. Wear your hair topper and style it the way you want!


Silk base human hair toppers are very versatile. You can style them to achieve different hairstyles. The hair strands are knotted on the fine mesh material, so it prevents the hair from shedding. Choose a hair piece in a natural color and bleach it to get your desired hair color. It causes zero-damage and offers a fashionable look. Human hair toppers can withstand heat, and so, you can always add waves or curls to change your look.


This is the easiest way to conceal your thinning hair and hair loss. Human hairpieces are available at different prices due to their quality and hair types. You can choose a suitable hairpiece depending on your needs.

Hair toppers have two layers. Among all kinds of toppers, Silk Topper is the most durable, as it lasts longer i.e. anywhere between 6-9 months.

How do I choose a topper for myself?

Silk hair toppers for fuller-looking hair

Silk hair toppers for fuller-looking hair

Stages of hair loss
Before you shop for a hair topper, see which stage of hair loss you are at. There are three stages of hair loss, the beginning stage, the progressive stage, and the advanced stage. The beginning stage has minimal hair loss at the top of the head. With this, choose a silk topper with a small base size. In the progressive stage, the scalp becomes visible, so a medium-large base topper is recommended. At the advanced stage, the bald areas of the scalp are noticeable because of excessive hair loss. So, a silk topper with a large base size is recommended.

Hair material, length, and color

The topper must blend with your natural hair. Choose a human hair topper that allows you to style it like your natural hair using heat-based styling equipment.

Choosing the exact length of the topper depends on the hairstyle you want. If you want short hairstyles, choose a topper that is shorter. Similarly, if you want long hairstyles, select a topper with a longer length.

The color of the topper must match the color of your natural hair. However, you may not be able to find the right shade sometimes. In such cases, let your existing hair be dyed with the color of the topper.

How do I style my silk hair topper?

Wash your toppers once every two weeks

           Wash your toppers once every two weeks

Your hair topper doesn't need to be washed as often as your natural hair. Wash your hair toppers once every two weeks because the topper doesn't collect oils from your scalp like your natural hair does, so it doesn't get greasy. Frequent washing will dry out your hair toppers and reduce their lifespan. 

How long do hair toppers last?

Your hair toppers can last you anywhere between six months to over a year with proper care. To increase the life of your hair toppers, store them in a box when you are not wearing them and use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Sulfate-free shampoo will protect your hair from drying out because it doesn't strip the hair of its natural oils. Deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and serums will help the hair to stay soft and nourished.

How to wear a hair topper?

Wear your hair toppers in the right way

Wear your hair toppers in the right way

To wear your hair topper, you must prepare and position it. Undo the clips underneath of the topper and tease your hair to get a more secure hold. Now, place the topper over your hair loss area by pulling the topper up to the front hairline and secure the clips. Put pressure on the top of the hairpiece to hold all the clips.

How to remove hairpieces?

Removing a topper seems complicated, but it is pretty easy. Slowly unclip all the clips before pulling off the topper. Gently remove strands of your natural hair that may be stuck in the clips. Then, gently pull the topper off your head.

How much does a hair topper cost?

A hair topper's price depends on the base, hair length, and its thickness. The type of hair is also a variable. Human hair toppers are more expensive than synthetic hair toppers because of their versatility and realistic look.

We hope that you have all the information you need to purchase the best hair topper now. Silk Hair Toppers not only make you beautiful, but they are also functional because they conceal thinning hair. Now that you have the perfect solution to hair loss, why don't you give hair toppers a try?

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