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Article: How to Increase Hair Volume in Quick Time?

How to Increase Hair Volume in Quick Time?

How to Increase Hair Volume in Quick Time?

Are you worried about seeing those additional hair strands while combing? Most of the women face thinning hair problems at the age of 35. It is customary in most cases, but excessive hair loss is a concern. Some of the women are born with naturally thin and flat hair. Your hair needs to be pampered with care as much as you take care of your face. Everybody goes through thinning hair problems, but not many are aware of the varieties of tricks on how to increase hair volume in quick time, and those born with naturally thin hairs conclude with no possible solutions. Don’t lose hope because you are here on the right page. This blog brings you the best method to achieve hair volume for girls with thin and flat hair. Keep reading and find out more on how to increase hair volume in a brief time so that you can confidently walk out looking stunning. 

1. Flip your hair to the opposite side. 

How to Increase Hair Volume
Part your hair to the opposite side in order to make your hair look thick. 


Changing your hair partition can help your hair look thicker. Brushing your hair in the same direction makes your hair lie flat because you train it to stay that way every day. Pick a good hair brush for your flat hair.  Before you start brushing your hair, Flip your hair to the opposite side. Comb your hair gently. This way you can get an instant volume on your hair. I suggest you try this trick when your hair is wet. Wet hairs are best when you try parting your hair to the opposite side. 

2. Tease your hair

Hair volume for girls

Back comb your hair to add volume on your naturally thin and flat hair.

Another trick to achieve volume on your hair is to tease your hair with a comb. You don’t have to tease your hair aggressively because teasing them hard can only lead to tangled hair. Choose a large paddle brush and start from the roots. Hold a section of your hair and gently backcomb them. Continue until you are done with the rest of the sectioned hairs. Check yourself in the mirror; you will notice your new thick hair. You can apply some hair sprays to hold your volume for a little longer period. 

3. Blow upside down

Hair volume for girls

Blow-dry your thin hair by flipping your hair down to achieve voluminous hair.

Blow drying your hair upside down is an effortless technique to increase volume in your hair. 

It is a popular method and many hair stylists recommend this idea to increase hair volume for girls in quick time. Adopt this method to increase your hair volume in a few minutes and walk out looking gorgeous with new thick hair. 

4. Rollers for Voluminous Hair 

Rollers for Voluminous Hair

Hot rollers can make your hair look thick.

Creating waves or curls can help you make your hair look thicker. Styling tools such as flat iron and curlers can easily damage your thin hair. They can cause dryness, hair breakage, and split ends. These styling tools can be time-consuming, and if you are a woman who is busy, I recommend you to try these hot rollers instead. Hot rollers are easy to use, and you can still put these rollers on your head and continue with your makeup without any disturbances.  Achieve a fuller look with amazing waves from these hot rollers in just 20 minutes. Make sure to spray some hair sprays to hold your waves. 

 5. Volume Building Shampoo for Voluminous Hair

Shampoo for Voluminous Hair

Use volume building shampoos to achieve naturally voluminous hair.

You will be amazed at how good shampoos can work marvellously in adding volume to your thin and flat hair. Choosing the right shampoo is essential. Volume building shampoos are harmless, they don’t damage your hair, and they are colour-safe. The only effort you need here is to apply these shampoos and let your shampoo work wonders on your thin hair. 

Sarah from Washington, D.C, said that she was annoyed with her naturally thin hair. Her friend recommended her to use Tresemme thick and full shampoo. She says the results are excellent, and she can’t stop being happy with her increased volume of hair. 

6. Crimp roots for Volume

Crimp roots for Volume
Crimping your thin hair can make your hair look thick.


Who would have imagined adding volume to your hair by applying this crimping roots method? This is another effortless and quick way to add volume to your flat hair. Crimping hair was famous back in the 80s, but it is gaining popularity again. Crimping roots is now considered as one of the top methods in increasing hair volume of the girls. The fun thing about crimping hair is that it takes only a few minutes to crimp your hair compared to other styling tools used for increasing volume. Try this crimping technique for your thin hair and achieve a fuller look with increased volume in just a few minutes. 

 7. Sleeping with Bun Hair to Increase Volume.

Sleeping with Bun Hair

Sleep in a bun and wake up with voluminous hair.

Do you hate using those hot tools on your hair? Try this method of sleeping with bun hair and getting up with increased volume on your hair. It is an effortless way to add volume to your thin hair. Grab your hair altogether and tie it into a top knot bun. Secure it with some bobby pins, or you can also use a thin hair tie. Sprinkle some water on your top knot bun hair. Fall in sleep with your comfortable hairstyle. Stand in front of the mirror as you remove your bobby pins, then loosen your hair and notice those volumes you so much wished for. 

8. Instant Volume with Hair Extensions

Diva Divine Hair Extensions

Get voluminous hair at instant with Diva Divine Hair Extensions that will make you look gorgeous

Highly recommended method to get an instant volume to your hair is to try hair extensions. Hair extensions are the favourite hair accessories for many women. If you have an important event coming up and you have very little time to apply other methods to increase volume on your thin hair. Pick amazing hair extensions from Diva Divine Hair Extensions that will surprise you. Hair extensions from Diva Divine are made from real human hair and give you an instant volume to your hair. You can always get help from the professional hairstylists to install or clip in your hair extensions. 

9. Choose the Right Haircut

layered hair styles

Right hair cutting style  can make your thin and flat hair look thicker than before. You can choose these layered hair styles and feathered haircuts. These hairstyles add dimension and increase volume to your natural thin hair. Check out Sonam Kapoor, a popular Bollywood actress, in her long layered hairstyle. Those volumes in her hair make her appear stunning as she poses for her photoshoot. 

10. Color for voluminous hair 

Color for voluminous hair
Apply some bright colours on your hair to make your hair look thick. 


Colour makes a big difference in how your hair appears. Make a habit of applying bright colours because bright colours can make your hair look thick and healthy.  Avoid using dull or dark colours if you want to achieve thick hair. 

11. Add Volume to Your Hair with dry shampoo.

Add Volume to Your Hair with dry shampoo

Use some dry shampoos and achieve voluminous hair in a few minutes.

Dry shampoo is not only a perfect solution for clean and fresh hair, but also a way to enhance volume to your thin hair. Apply dry shampoo on the roots, give it a thorough massage, and set your hair with a blow-dryer. Stop sabotaging your hair with dirt and oil that makes your hair appear flat and dirty. Build volume with dry shampoo while making your hair clean without actually washing your hair. 

12. Count on Hair Serums and Essential Oils

Count on Hair Serums and Essential Oils
Hair serums and essential oils also help you add volume to your hair. 


Say goodbye to your fear of fine hair. Permanently have thick and strong hair that is full of bounce and gloss. An essential oil that contains natural properties of Argon, Coconut, and Almonds not only promotes growth but makes your hair thicker. Massage them on your hair or do weekly treatments to add natural volume to your thin hair. Be patient because it might take time, but you will definitely be flaunting with long and thick hair in just a few days.   



Adding volume to your hair is not big talk because there are many ways to achieve your desired volume. Hair Extensions are one of the widely used products that have helped many women worldwide solve their flat hair problems. Hurry now and purchase highly demanded Diva Divine hair extensions that give you natural and thick hair. You can always choose other options to increase instant volume on your hair. Invest your time in these tricks to increase volume, say goodbye to your thin hair problem, and instantly achieve volume on your hair.

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