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Article: Introduction to Hair Extensions

Introduction to Hair Extensions

Introduction to Hair Extensions

You ever wondered how women worldwide always managed to stay chic and stylish over time every time? The answer is hair extensions. Women worldwide and over have still donned this accessory to add instant style seamlessly look gorgeous. The world of hair extensions has grown and evolved with ground breaking ingenuity to fashion your hair. And the beautiful women of India will not miss this train to look stunning. Quickly have curly hair with the Curly Hair Extensions, get long hair on the go with the Long Hair Extensions, and even try the fringe look with the front hair extensions. Read along to discover the world of hair extension to become a hair extensions expert: 

Types of Hair Extensions

There is a countless number of hair extension types that may overwhelm you, but we’ve got you covered. Hair extensions are categorized based on many factors, such as hair type, attachment method, and life-span. 

Based on Hair Type:

  1. Synthetic Hair
Synthetic Wigs

This type of hair extensions is made from synthetic fibers that have similar properties to real hair. Hair extensions obtained with synthetic hair are relatively cheaper and have a shorter life-span making them a perfect temporary fix to your haircut accidents or a fun night out. Even though they are heat resistant, the abnormal shine and movement make acquiring them questionable. 

  1. Human Hair
Hair Extensions In India


Hair Extensions produced using real human hair are highly recommended for their consistent shine, texture, and life-span. There are different types of human hair extension types to choose from, such as Virgin Hair and Remy Hair. 

Based on Attachment Method:

  1. Clip-in Hair Extensions

These hair extensions, also known as clip-in wefts, are perfect for getting started in the world of hair extensions for their easy and straightforward installation mechanism. The clip-in hair extensions are contoured pieces of hair with a fabric or silicone base that come in two, three, and four clips. Clip-in wefts are attached without any chemicals and procedures, making them the least damaging approach of wearing hair extensions. They are straightforward to wear, giving instant length, color, volume, and style seamlessly.   

  1. Tape-In Hair Extensions

These hair extensions come with a pre-taped end that is glued to your hair with a heating tool. The removal process also requires heat, making this approach of hair extensions very tedious. The repetitive use of heat can damage your hair. 

  1. Flip-in Hair Extensions

The Flip-In Hair Extensions are also known as halo crown, wire, or secret extensions. The hair in the flip-in hair extension comes in one big weft on a loop that can be worn on your hair like a crown covered by your hair. This approach is quicker than clip-in hair extensions with little or no damage to your scalp or hair. 

  1. Sew-In Hair Extensions/Weave

Sew-In Hair Extensions and the weave are trendy choices for women with thick hair requiring tight braiding that strains the hair. The natural hair is braided into cornrows, and then the weaves are sewed into the braids. Installing this type of hair extension needs extreme patience, but the seamless, natural result makes the wait worth. This variation of hair extensions is versatile, applicable to hair type, and causes minimal damage with glue, heat, or tapes. The sew-in hair extensions last for about six to eight weeks enabling its wearer to grow out their natural hair without losing any glam and style.

  1. Fusion/Pre-bonded/U-Tip Hair Extensions

This method of wearing hair extensions involves fusing hair extensions to the natural hair using adhesive or glue. The process of attaching and applying for hair extensions with U-shaped tips takes about three to four hours, leaving you with safe, secured, and well-blended hair extensions. The Fusion Hair Extensions are thought to be a semi-permanent approach lasting up to four months. 

  1. Micro link Hair Extensions

The Micro Link Hair Extensions, also called micro-bead and micro-loop hair extensions, are tiny wefts of hair extensions attached to the natural hair with a small silicone-lined bead. A unique tool is used to secure the hair’s bead for the hair extensions’ firmness and safety. This hair extensions approach does not involve heat, glue, or tapes but causes hair damage if not installed correctly. This type of hair extensions has a mechanism similar to that of cold fusion and I-tip hair extensions that guarantees hair with a natural flow and shine.

  1. Wigs & Hair Pieces

The last type of hair extensions is wigs and hairpieces that are used topically on hair and scalp. Variations of hair wigs include full wigs for full coverage of the head, lace fronts, and nets. Hair Wigs are an undisputed remedy for hair loss and balding but are also opted to switch up appearance. Hairpieces are patches of hair that come in various shapes of bun, ponytail, or hair tie used on specific areas to cover up thinning hair, create a new hairstyle, or add thickness. Hair wigs and hairpieces are the ultimate user-friendly hair extensions approach that guarantees absolutely no damage to the user and assures a change in look with longer, thicker, and lustrous hair. Human hair wigs last about a year with proper care and maintenance, but hairpieces are generally synthetic and don’t last more than a month.

Based on the duration of usage:

Hair Extensions

  1. Non-Permanent Hair Extensions

Non-Permanent Hair Extensions are the hair extensions type that needs to be taken off and re-installed each day. These hair extensions, such as clip-in, flip-in, and few wigs, do not require any glue, tape, or fusing materials to attach them to your natural hair. The process of wearing and taking them off may be tedious but is much simpler with constant usage. You are also advised not to sleep or shower or swim with these types of hair extensions.

  1. Semi-Permanent Hair Extensions

Most hair extensions types are usually semi-permanent, letting you wear them for an extended duration of time. The usage of glue, tapes, rings, and beads for attachment with the natural hair makes them perfect for women who are always on the run. You will need some refitting sessions on an interval of two months or depending on your natural hair growth. 

Best Hair Extensions Brands in India

India is no exception to the wave of brought onto by the world of hair extensions, with numerous unique brands emerging to bring the best hair extensions experience. These are some of the Best Hair Extensions brands in India for seamless hair extension experience:

Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs

Best Hair Extensions

Diva Divine is the go-to hair extension store in India.

Ending the list with the best hair extension and wigs brand in India is Diva Divine Hair Extensions and Wigs. They are one of India’s first hair extension brands offering a diverse range of quality hair extensions and wigs. Diva divine is renowned for their highest quality human hair at the most economical rates. The premium quality of hair extensions you can get from them lasts longer and can be styled in any way you wish, letting you instantly add length, volume, and color. Diva Divine also retails unique Hair Toppers, and wigs immediately ending all your hair loss, hair thinning, and other hair related woes.

How to Shop For Hair Extensions in India

Getting hair extensions in India can be very taxing and tricky, with countless counterfeits and faulty products. You should always be tactical and smart with your purchases regarding hair extensions and other hair wigs products. Always choose brands that handle their retailing and sales online and have some salon or boutiques for any possible inquiries or assistance. Brands like these are more accountable for their products and provide instant service to any customer requiring any help.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Diva Divine combines both contemporary and classic approaches of retail and sales.

For example, Diva Divine Hair Extensions and Wigs is the prime epitome of India’s ideal hair extension shop. They market online, but they also have five boutiques located systematically in Delhi (2), Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Shop for the best hair extensions in India at Diva Divine here (add DD link). 

Be a smart consumer; make sure your investment promotes a credible and reliable brand and your style. Looking chic and posh will never be more comfortable than this. 


Human hair Extensions

Look gorgeous and stunning with the clip-in hair extensions.

These were all the tricks and tips to become an instant expert in hair extensions’ undisputable trend. Now you know what hair extensions are, their different types, where to get them, and how to get them. Brace yourself to look elegant, graceful, and gorgeous every time you walk out now.

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