How to Remove Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Have you been wanting fuller hair that gives you a natural look and enhances your looks at the same time? Micro Ring Hair Rxtensions enhance your look and allow you to achieve long luscious hair. They are fitted to strands of your hair secured to the hair extensions with a small metal ring.

Micro Rings are popular among women because they can be moved up and re-tightened every eight weeks. Micro ring removal procedure is quick and takes between 30 minutes to an hour. It is best to get your extensions removed by a professional. This is because there is a risk of pulling and damaging your natural hair.

However, if you can’t wait until your next salon appointment, you can take your extensions out at home. Here are the tips to safely remove Micro Ring Hair Extensions yourself:

When do you remove it?

Remove your hair extensions after 3-4 months                                               Remove your hair extensions after 3-4 months                  

The removal of micro rings depends on your hair's growth and how well you have looked after them. Remove your Hair Extensions after 3-4 months of installing them because the bonds have now grown down your hair. Remove them before your hair starts to tangle and form knots.

Talk to your hair extension stylist

Removing Hair Extensions is a job of a specialist. So, before taking out your extensions, talk to the stylist who installed the micro rings. If they cannot arrange an appointment for you, they will help you with tips to remove your micro rings safely at home.

The removal process of Micro Ring Hair Extensions seems complicated, but it is a pretty easy one. It depends on the efforts you have put in looking after your extensions over the months you have had them fitted.

To safely remove your hair extensions, make sure you have the following tools:

  1. A pintail comb
  2. Hair clips
  3. Hair extension pliers

Step 1:  Section and secure your natural hair

Remove your extensions in the right way                                                               Remove your extensions in the right way

Expose your hair extensions by securing your natural hair on the crown of your head. Make sure you are able to see the top row of hair extensions.

Step 2: Section your hair extension

Section the hair extension into three parts. Take the side section from the back of the ear forward on both sides and leave the back free and exposed to work on.

Step 3:  Remove the rings

Use hair extension pliers to remove the rings. Hold the ring and slowly squeeze in the opposite direction to which they were closed. Try squeezing gently at first and then increase the pressure if the ring doesn’t open. Once the ring has widened, it opens and releases the hair extension. If the hair extensions have been worn for more than three months, they may need a gentle pull to release themselves. So, support your hair with one hand and give the hair extension a gentle tug.

Step 4: Comb your hair

Gently brush your hair using the tail end of your comb                                                  Gently brush your hair using the tail end of your comb

When looking at the strand with the ring removed, you will notice a cluster of hair and product residue. Do not worry; this is perfectly normal. However, it is important to gently brush your hair using the tail end of your comb so that you can easily cleanse your hair afterward. Make sure to take only a few strands at a time to prevent damage and discomfort.

Pro tip: if you are having trouble brushing your hair, try using natural oil to loosen and lubricate the hair.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions take over an hour to remove. Please take your time, remove slowly and gently to prevent damage.

If you wish to have your hair extensions refitted, then make sure to keep them safe.  Tie them with a hair scrunchie and lay them straight in a box or a drawer.  Wash your human hair extensions with a sulfate-free shampoo and soak in a moisturizing conditioner before refitting.

Taking care of your hair after hair extensions removal

Once your extensions have been removed, aftercare is essential to prevent hair damage. Here are the tips to preserve and promote your natural hair.

  1. Oil Your Hair

    Oiling is essential to nourish your hair

                                                            Oiling is essential to nourish your hair

    Oiling is essential to nourish your hair after extension removal. Oil your hair twice a week for the best results. If you have dry hair, apply oil on your hair and scalp and leave it overnight to moisturize them. It makes your hair soft, shiny, and vibrant.

  2. Wash Your Hair

    Apply dry shampoo to give your hair a good cleanse

                                                    Apply dry shampoo to give your hair a good cleanse

    Even if you have washed and conditioned your hair while wearing extensions, chances are there will still be some buildup trapped underneath. So, use a shampoo to remove any remaining residue from the extensions or apply dry shampoo to give your hair a good cleanse.

  3. Trim the ends
    Trim your hair to avoid developing split ends.

                                                          Trim your hair to avoid developing split ends.

    After you remove your hair extensions, it is advisable to trim your hair to avoid developing split ends. It will make your hair feel and appear so much healthier and thicker.

    4. Give your hair a break

    It's tempting to fix hair extensions as soon as you remove them. However, it's essential to give your hair a break. Wearing extensions for an extended period places pressure and tension on the scalp. So, give your scalp and hair some time to breathe. It’s also a good time to give your hair a break from heat styling tools that can cause damage. Instead, choose natural methods of drying and styling. Look for hairstyles that minimize tension, including low ponytails and loose braids.

    5. Use a repairing hair mask.

    Give your hair a break from extensions and focus on recovering your hair health with deep conditioning treatments and hair masks. Use a repairing hair mask to treat any breakage or damage caused by the tension. It will not only strengthen your strands but also keep them looking fuller, smoother, and shinier.

    Conclusion: Removing Micro Ring Hair Extensions in the right way is an important process that most people don’t give much attention to. It’s best to get your extensions removed by a professional. However, it is possible to remove them at home if you cannot reach out to professionals. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and start with the removal process.


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