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Article: Human Hair Wigs Vs. Machine Made Wigs: Pros, Cons, and Considerations

Human Hair Wigs Vs. Machine Made Wigs: Pros, Cons, and Considerations
Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs Vs. Machine Made Wigs: Pros, Cons, and Considerations

Women and hair have a special bond. While there are days when your hair looks lovely, complications also occur, as they are inseparable. Despite the dispute, they wake up together every morning! A woman takes the utmost care of her hair. After all, no woman likes leaving the house with bad or frizzy hair, as it affects her self-esteem, confidence, and mood. With preparation and tricks on fingertips, most of the time, hair complies to make women look gorgeous. However, styling is not a piece of cake for everyone, every time. Some with fine and curly hair or bald spots battle to make the best out of their hair, yet they aren’t that successful!

Human hair wigs Vs. Machine-made wigs                                                       Human Hair Wigs Vs. Machine-Made Wigs

Hair wig is a flagship product that helps millions of people worldwide. Wigs are not a new invention; using wigs began as early as ancient Egyptian times. However, brilliant heads invented new techniques to improve the quality of wigs. They produced wigs that are superior, durable, versatile, and comfortable. In olden times, people could quickly notice if someone wore a wig, but now we can't detect even if a woman wearing a wig passes by.

Wigs are available in various types in the market. They can be classified based on the hair type as human hair and Synthetic Wigs. Based on the processing, hairpieces can be classified into machine-made and hand-tied. However, this blog aims to explain the differences between human hair wigs and machine-made wigs, pros, cons, and considerations.

What Are Human Hair Wigs?

Human Hair Wigs rank top in the world of wigs! These are the best quality Wigs respected for being able to give a fabulous natural look. The look and movement of a hundred percent human hair are priceless. Those who lose their hair due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy have to go through another painful procedure- shaving their hair off... But now, they can be confident once again with the help of human hair wigs. Fashionistas and women looking to try unique Hairstyle choose human hair wigs. Human hair provides endless styling options without losing its natural color and texture. They are heat-friendly, realistic, and look like they are your natural strands.

Human Hair Wigs Give Natural Look

                                                                      Human Hair Wigs Give Natural Look

It's unfair to lose hair due to health issues. Human Hair Wigs give back long and thick hair that women can flaunt effortlessly. Human hair wigs are a relief to those who have lost their faith in fashion due to hair loss. Human Hair wigs also allow models and fashionable women to create a look they couldn’t achieve with their hair. Even celebrities use human hair wigs to create glamorous hairstyles protecting their natural hair from harsh chemicals... Movie actors use wigs to create a realistic look in movie scenes and clips. There is no shame in using Hair Wigs; instead, they are more beneficial.

Pros Of Human Hair Wigs

Natural Look: Human Hair Wigs are well-known for achieving a natural look and feel. Since the strands are real human hair, Human Hair Wigs give a flawless realistic look that nobody can detect. They are perfect if you don’t want anyone to notice that you are wearing wigs.

Versatility: Human hair wigs are versatile; you can curl, straighten or color them just like natural hair. You can also cut the wig to the desired length. And so, many women prefer human hair Wigs more than synthetic ones.

Maintenance: Since you already know how to maintain your natural hair, taking care of human hair wigs becomes simpler. You can care for and manage the wig as you do for your hair.

Durability: They have a long life-span; with proper maintenance and care, they will last up to a year or more.

Cons of human hair wigs

Price: Human Hair Wigs are expensive and probably the ones with the highest price tags. They cost comparatively more than synthetic wigs and animal hair wigs as they are the wigs that give the most natural look.

Maintenance: They are high maintenance products. If you have one at home, you already know the maintenance required to keep them shiny and smooth. They have to be dealt with delicately to keep them healthy and natural, just like your natural hair.

Styling: Human Hair Wigs are not pre-styled when you purchase them. They just come in typical textures like wavy, curly, and straight. You will have to style them as per your requirement. In times of hurry, styling them could be a burden, although the resultant Trendy Hairstyle pleases you.

Weather: They are prone to weather dynamics; lousy weather can leave you with a frizzy, uncanny wig on your scalp. Strong sunlight can fade the natural color and lead to damage.

Things To Consider For Human Hair Wigs

Remy or Non-Remy: Human hair is sub-divided into Remy and non-Remy based on the alignment of cuticles. Typically, natural human hair has cuticles pointing from roots to tips. The natural alignment prevents tangling and matting of strands. So, Remy hair wigs are just like real hair with cuticles aligned perfectly. Non-Remy hair has cuticles aligned randomly, some pointing towards the end and some towards the roots.

Texture: When you buy a wig, you should consider the texture; choosing the one that suits facial features and skin tones can give a perfect look.

Budget: they are expensive, so you must consider your budget before buying. If you are confident with your financial status, they are the best wigs that none can match.

What are Machine-Made Wigs?

As the name suggests, Machine-Made Wigs are manufactured using modern machines in bulk. They are mass-produced in the factory by machines using human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fibers. They are produced in bulk with a thick cap to create an illusion of more volume and thicker hair.

Know About The Wig Before Buying

                                                     Know About The Wig Before Buying

Human Hair Machine-Made Wigs cost less than hand-tied wigs. Since they are mass-produced, you can easily find them in the market. Though manufacturers use machines, human hair machine-made wigs can also provide a natural look. Natural-looking baby hair on the front gives a seamless-undetectable appearance.

Pros of Machine Made Wigs

Price: Machine-made wigs are much cheaper than Hand-Tied Wigs because they are mass-produced in a short duration.

Availability: Most of the wigs, synthetic, Remy, or non-Remy, are Machine-Made Wigs. Due to the ease of production, you can find machine-made wigs in every Hair Salon.

Natural Look: They also achieve a natural look, especially those made from natural human hair. They come in natural colors and textures to achieve a fabulous and seamless look.


Machine Made Wig

                                                                        Machine Made Wig

Cons of Machine-Made Wigs

Scalp irritation: Since they are engineered with thick caps, they may cause scalp irritation to some people. Many cancer patients have a sensitive scalp, and using machine-made wigs causes scalp damage.

Weight: Because thicker caps for wigs add weight, they are much heavier than hand-tied Wigs.

Durability: Strands might not be secured into the cap while sewing with machines leading to a decrease in their life-span.

Things To Consider For Machine-Made Wigs

Hair type: What type of Machine-Made Wig do you need? Do you want your wig to be real human hair or synthetic fibers? If you know the difference between them so you can choose either as per your need.

The Number Of Wears:Think about how often you will wear a Wig. Is it just for once or regular use? A human hair wig is better for regular users, but synthetic ones are perfect for one-time use.

Color: There are numerous color options with Wigs. You can get whatever you want; flashy bright tones to simple and subtle hues.

Conclusion: For women with hair issues, the hair industry has modern products and better techniques than conventional methods. The hair industry has solutions for all the problems like hair loss, short hair, fine hair, or bald spots. Hair Wigs are a perfect solution for hair-related problems; they give long and thick hair to people facing hair loss, medical issues, and fashionistas.

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