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Article: How To Wash Diva Divine Clip In Hair Streaks

How To Wash Diva Divine Clip In Hair Streaks

How To Wash Diva Divine Clip In Hair Streaks

Nothing is more fun than trying out various colors to achieve distinct trendy looks. However, colors damage your natural hair, and the disadvantages outweigh the benefits of coloring hair. 

Clip-in hair streaks offer a ton of advantages compared to other hair extensions. Clip-In Hair Streaks at Diva Divine are a fantastic way to add a pop of color to your long gorgeous hair. These colored highlights are easy to install and remove and available in beautiful colors. You can get incredible results with these types of clip-ins, and nobody can tell that they aren't yours.

It is critical to have an excellent hair care routine to keep the luster of these clip-in hair extensions. Continue reading to find out how to wash Diva Divine's Clip-In Streak and a few exclusive secrets for making them last longer.

Step One: Gently Brush And Detangle The Highlights 

Gently Brush And Detangle The Highlights

Gently brush and detangle the highlights 

  • Brushing your Diva Divine clip-in streaks is a crucial step that needs to be completed before washing to minimize damaging them. 

  • Fold the clips and tie the hair extensions with a hair tie. This will help keep the clip and weft area dry when you wash them. 
  • Begin by detangling the extensions with a wide-tooth comb from the ends and work your way upwards. You must take your time while detangling, so you don't pull the hair out. 

    Step Two: Fill The Sink With Cold Water And Shampoo

    Fill The Sink With Cold Water And Shampoo

    Fill the sink with water and shampoo to wash the extensions 

    • Clean the sink and fill it with cold water and around 2-3 pumps of shampoo. Use a sulfate-free shampoo, so it doesn't dry out your highlight extensions and damage your hair. 
    • Dip the highlights together into the sink; soak the hair, and run your fingers through the strands.   This way the shampoo is dispersed evenly in your hair. 

    Tip: Remember to hold the wefts and do not put the clips in the water. 

    • Another way to shampoo your extensions is by holding them under cold running water to dampen the extensions and applying a sulfate-free shampoo. Hold the weft area, apply shampoo on the strands, and gently run your fingers through the strands. 
    • Repeat the washing process once more to make sure the dirt and product build-ups are removed. Rinse the extensions until the water runs clear. 

    Step Three: Condition The Clip-In Streaks

    Condition the clip in hair streaks

    Condition The Clip-In Streaks

    • Choose a moisturizing conditioner and apply it to the clip-in streaks. Distribute the product evenly with your fingers and let the conditioner sit for ten minutes. 
    • Rinse the conditioner out with cold water until the water runs clear. 

      Step Four: Dry The Clip-In Hair Streaks

      Dry The Clip-In Hair Extensions

      Dry The Clip-In Hair Streaks

      • Squeeze out excess water with a towel; make sure you aren't rubbing the hair; otherwise, the streaks will tangle. 
      • Apply a lightweight hair serum when the streaks are 70 percent dry; this will help keep your extensions in the best condition possible. 
      • Let the clip-in streaks air dry overnight or use a hairdryer in a cool setting to fasten the process. 
      • These are four easy and simple steps that you need to follow to wash Diva Divine Clip-In Hilites'. Colored clip-ins from Diva Divine provide you the freedom to flaunt the desired look instantly, and washing them has never been easier.

        Six Exclusive Tips To Make Your Highlight Clip-In Streaks Last Longer

        Six Exclusive Tips To Make Your Highlight Clip-In Extensions Last Longer
        Tips To Make Your Highlight Clip-In Streaks Last Longer

        It's a good idea to learn about the best-proven ways to keep your highlight clip-in streaks looking healthy and lustrous all the time. Below are six exclusive tips that you must follow to make your streaks last longer. 

        Tip #1: Use The Right Products

        • While it's true that clip-in hair extensions can be treated like your natural hair, there are a few things you need to remember. The first thing is to wash the extensions the right way and use the right products. 
        • Invest in shampoo and conditioners that are developed specifically for hair Streaks. The hair products need to have the right ingredients to keep your highlights looking healthy and lustrous. 
        • Avoid using products with drying agents such as alcohol and sulfate since these chemicals cause matting and tangling of extensions.
        • Compared to other extensions, clip-in streaks are the easiest to wash and with the four easy steps mentioned above. 

        Tip #2: Always Take Out The Extensions Before Bed

        • Now that you know how to wash and dry your clip-in hairstreaks, it is important that you always take the extensions out before bed. It is tempting to go straight to bed, especially after a long day, but removing them before bed will help keep the clip-ins and your hair away from damage. 
        • Tossing and turning at night takes a toll on your hair as well as the clip-ins. Who wants to spend hours detangling hair and extensions?

        Tip #3: Brush With Care 

        • As briefly mentioned above, it is important to brush the extensions with care. Like brushing your hair harshly, brushing your extensions will loosen the strands from the weft and make them frizzy. 
        • Invest in a quality hairbrush for extensions and brush them from the ends and move upwards. This technique will cause minimal strain to the clip-ins. 
        • As long as you are brushing your streaks with care, you can brush them as many times as you can. 

        Tip #4: Use Heat A Protectant 

        • Heat styling tools have become an important part of women's lives, so if you heat style your extensions, it's vital that you use a heat protectant beforehand. 
        • Apply a leave-in conditioner to your natural hair and spray heat protectant on the extensions before using a heat styling tool. Heat protectant not only extends the time between treatments but will also help your hair maintain the style you desire for longer than usual.
        • Using heat on colored clip-in streaks, dry the extensions out and promote matting. 
        • Go heatless or turn down the temperature when you are using heat styling tools. 
        • Experts advise taking regular breaks from heat styling tools even when you are wearing clip-in hair extensions. 

        Tip #5: Avoid Chlorine To Maintain Clip-In Highlights 

        • Chlorine is very harmful to hair streaks and causes them to become brittle, dry, dull, and matted, just your natural hair. Chlorine is also known to cause highlights to change colors. 
        • Take your clip-in hair streaks out before going for a swim and tie your hair into a bun or wear a swimming cap to make your streaks last longer and maintain the beautiful hues. 

        Tip #6: Moisturize Your Clip-In Highlight Streaks 

        Like your hair, clip-in highlight extensions become dry and dull due to frequent heat styling, so it is important to keep them moisturized frequently. You can use a bit of leave-in conditioner or serum to moisturize the highlights. 

        These are four easy ways to wash Diva Divine's clip-in hairstreaks and six exclusive tips that will make your Clip-In Hilites last longer and maintain the luster. As stated in the beginning, clip-in streaks have many advantages, so take proper care of them and flaunt different hairstyles for different moods

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