Hack Alert: Protect Your Hair Extensions This Winter

Winter is here and it’s time to take care of your hair like you hydrate your skin when it’s cold outside.

Today, I have few tried and tested hacks, that can add to your glam quotient when you’re getting ready for stepping out in style!

Winter tips up for trial this season:

wavy hair extensions

A silk scarf or hair ties

 Silk hair ties or Silk hairband have made a comeback in this current season and is one of the biggest fashion trends that has lately gained popularity amongst masses.

Have you ever tried this accessory while wearing your hair extensions?

If not, this time take a silk scarf and try to cover your head with it. It will not only protect your hair from the winter chills, it will also not make it messy even if you would want to remove it after wearing it for more than half a day. As usually with fabrics like wool that we wear during winters – it can cause breakage and spilt​ ​ends.

Are you now worried about how you can style it?

Pro Tip: when you wrap your hair in a silk scarf, top it with your hat. You can also, sew in an old scarf or blouse into the hat.

Wash & dry your hair

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Do you usually alter your pattern when it comes to a head wash?

For us, it’s a YES!

We all tend to switch from consuming cold water to hot water and this change acts on our hair too!

Wondering how to curb this change?

Pro Tip: Use Lukewarm​​ water – Allow your hair to adapt to this change.

 How to take care of your hair extensions 

Use a sulfate-free shampoo and condition them to keep the hair healthy.

Pro Tip: Condition your hair extension and keep it overnight for better results.

 Avoid heat styling

how to use hair extensions

No matter how good or bad the weather is, over-heat or excess of heat-styling can cause dryness which may lead to breakage and split-ends.

 Pro Tip: Cold Dry your hair.

 We listed our cheat codes, What is your hack? Answer in the comments section below!​



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