The week is never less hectic and less tiring for us to invest hours into looking fabulous. Low-key every girl wants to rock her look and hairstyle 5 days a week, but when it comes to our work schedule, this becomes a little difficult. On top of that, channeling our inner Diva into a real one seems like too much of an effort.

 Diva Divine is here with solutions to your everyday hairstyle query when you just don't know how to rock it! We're going to be showing you how you can have 5 classic hairstyles of Sara Ali Khan, without her hairstylist!

You can go ahead and use Diva Divine Hair Extensions as per your requirements, but a 10 piece clip set is an all-in-one set that can be used in any of the below hairstyles.

Monday Twist

After you have clipped in your Diva Divine Hair Extensions, part your hair from the center and create twists in the front sections on both sides. Clip these sections at the back of your head and you're done! There is literally no hairstyle easier than this which gives you a dressed up look! Create soft waves or curls in your Diva Divine Hair Extensions for the best look!

Tuesday Braids

Clip-in your Diva Divine Hair Extensions and part your hair into two sections from the side. Take the smaller section of your hair and divide it into another three sections and create three braids out of these. Pull these braids at the back and secure them with a bobby pin. Bring all the rest of your hair on to one side and make it fall on the shoulder, and you're done. You can go ahead and curl your Diva Divine Hair Extensions for this look as well and it perfectly goes with Indian outfits.

Wednesday Up-Do

Put on your Diva Divine Hair Extensions and curl all your hair and the extensions, this hairstyle requires curls and not just waves. Just take a small section of your hair at the crown and tie it up into a very tiny ponytail at the top of your head. Wrap a section of the hair around the rubber band, and it is done! What an easy and sassy way of doing a half-up-half-down, isn't it?

Thursday Bubble

For this fun hairstyle, wear your Diva Divine Hair Extensions and put all your hair at the back into a low ponytail. Now tie rubber bands on this ponytail by creating bubble-like structures. The number of these structures depends on the length of the hair extensions you have chosen. Take out two strands in the front and straighten them for a clean look. This fancy ponytail takes minutes!

 Friday Straight

For the most basic and the sleekest look of the week, Friday is the best. Clip-in your Diva Divine Hair Extensions and straighten your hair and the hair extensions. Make a center partition and this look of straight and voluminous hair is ready! It's formal, it's fancy, and it will make your Friday fun!

These are a few hairstyles that you can easily create with your Diva Divine Hair Extensions. Tell us about more celebrity hairstyles that you've created with your Hair Extensions! Shop for these looks at our store or visit the website at www.divadivinehair.com

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