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Article: Hair Extensions: One Solution For 99 Hair Issues

Hair Extension

Hair Extensions: One Solution For 99 Hair Issues

What is the best way to fake your way to long, full-bodied hair? Hair extensions, of course! All you need is a nice hair extension to fix 99 hair issues. 

With the increase in the popularity of hair extensions, there is a flood of misinformation. Some hair brands are even willing to mislead consumers looking for quality hair extensions. 

That is where we come in.

We hope this information about hair extensions is useful in your quest for thicker, longer tresses.

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are single hair strands that can be glued to your natural hair. The goal is to generate a natural look that is longer or fuller than your current hair.

Let's start with the basics of hair extensions. Real human hair or synthetic hair fibers are used to manufacture hair extensions.

Real human hair is obtained from a donor and used to create human hair. The term "Remy hair" refers to hair with all of its cuticles intact and pointing in the same direction. This prevents tangles and keeps the extension looking smooth and silky.

Synthetic hair is created from plastic fibers that do not contain any human hair. There are fine synthetic fibers that are meant to seem like genuine hair. Synthetic hair usually has an unnatural gloss and is less expensive than an actual human hair.

What Are The Types Of Hair Extensions?

Clip-In extensions

Clip-In Extensions 

There are five different kinds of hair extensions. This includes hair extensions with keratin, weaves, glue-taped, and clip-on hair extensions.

  • The keratin procedure uses a keratin-based dry "glue" on one end and a hot/cold drying treatment on the other to bond the hair extensions to your scalp. 
  • Weaves are hair extensions put in with a needle and can last up to three months. 
  • Tape-in extensions are taped to the hair from beneath the top layer. 
  • Glue-taped extensions are identical to taped hair extensions, but glue is utilized to adhere to the hair. 
  • Clip-on hair extensions are temporary extensions with a clip at the top that secures the extensions to the natural hair.

What Kinds of Hair Extensions Appear the Most Natural?

Human hair extensions

Human Hair Extensions 

Micro-ring or I-Tip designs are your best bet for the most natural look. These extensions are joined to the original hair in segments called strands using a clamping or heat bonding method. 

They're thin and can create volume and length to any part of the head. The movement of the hair appears natural since the strands of the extensions are attached to strands of real hair. 

Since these extensions are linked, they can be worn for a long time and last up to a year. As your hair grows, you'll have to remove them and replace them closer to the scalp. 

Which Hair Extension Is The Best?

Which Hair Extension Is The Best
Hair Texture Rings

Each hair extension has its pros and cons. So, the best hair extension depends on your personal preference. 

Below are the key features of hair extensions:

  • Clip-in extensions are commitment-free because of the ease of installation and removal. 
  • Sew-in hair extensions are more traditional and time-consuming types of hair extensions. They are secured to the scalp by weaving natural hair from ear to ear and then sewing the weft into the braid.
  • Tape-Ins extensions have hair segments connected to double-sided keratin tape that's two inches thick. The tape is sandwiched between your natural hair strands to hold the extensions.
  • Since glue-in extensions require up to 3 hours for installation, they are more expensive. They're applied by wrapping a grain of rice-sized plastic keratin around your natural strands.
  • Halo extensions are the least invasive to the roots of your hair. A halo of translucent wire surrounds the crown of the head. It is also lightweight because it is not tied to any stands.

How Much Does Extensions with Installation Costs?

How Much Does Extensions with Installation Costs

Straight Hair Extensions

You won't know the true cost of hair extensions until you look into the specifics. So, the first step in setting your hair care budget is deciding on the sort of hair extensions you desire.

Some hair extensions are temporary, while others are semi-permanent; some are synthetic, while others are natural Indian hair. 

Estimate costs of high-quality hair extensions:

  • Keratin Flat-Tips start at about Rs.150-300/pc for 18" 
  • Tape extensions start at around Rs 350/pc for 18" 
  • Machine Wefted Hair Extensions start at around Rs 7,000 for 18" 
  • Clip-on Extensions start at around Rs. 9,900 for 18" 
  • Lace Front Wigs start at around Rs. 24,750 for 18"


As you can see, hair extensions are not cheap, but they are also not prohibitively expensive. Your preferences will significantly impact the overall cost of your hair extensions. Never underestimate the value of high-quality hair products for hair extensions.

With proper care, virgin human hair extensions from Diva Divine are low maintenance and can last up to a year or more.

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