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Article: Protect Your Hair Extensions This Holi

Protect your Diva Divine hair extensions this holi
Hair care

Protect Your Hair Extensions This Holi

Summer is fast setting in, and the most fun-filled festival is right around the corner - Holi! This festival of colors is celebrated with all pomp and joy across all age groups with lots of enthusiasm and flair in India. It has become so popular that it is now celebrated across nations with people from other religious beliefs as well coupled with their Indian friends and colleagues.

But, as colorful as playing Holi may be, it can also be damaging to our skin and hair because the colors used may be of bad quality and include chemicals that, when applied, can dry out your scalp and even ruin your hair. But, despite how much fun and happiness playing Holi brings, avoiding the chemical colors used on the hair is impossible. Preventive protection is advised both before and after the Holi celebration. Here are some tips for safeguarding your hair extensions while playing Holi this year.

Pre - Holi Hair Care Tips

Pre holi care for your Diva Divine hair extensions

Follow these tips before playing Holi


●     Condition Your Hair

A day before Holi, shampoo your hair and apply conditioner. Your hair will be moisturized and made fresh so that it is ready for oil. Use conditioner; if you don't, your hair will become dry and cause more harm from dry hair.

●     Oiling The Hair

First of all, remember to oil your hair. Use any oil of your choice, be it sesame (til), coconut, olive, or mustard oil. Oil will serve as a layer of defense and create a barrier. After Holi, the color simply rubs off when you bathe. Also, it will shield your hair against irritation, frizz, dryness, and roughness from all the chemicals in the colors.

●     Put It In A Bun

Second, after putting oil in your hair, be sure to tie it up. To avoid damaging them, braid them or wrap your hair up in a bun. Also, this way, it will be less likely that your hair will be caught by someone while playing Holi.

●     Cover Your Head

You can also cover your head with a bandana or head scarf to protect your hair from the colors while playing.

Post - Holi Hair Care Tips

Post Holi care for your Diva Divine hair extensions

Effective hair hacks to save your hair extensions from harmful chemicals


●     Comb Through The Knots

Brush or comb your hair carefully to prevent hair breakage and to ensure proper washing.

●     Wash Your Hair

Start your hair wash routine first with a conditioner right away after Holi. Chemicals and colors in the hair will be neutralized by doing this. After that, wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.

●     Hair Mask

After a couple of days, apply a hair mask to prevent damage. Take additional care if you have highlighted or colored hair because the dyes may bleach your hair.

Apply a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil (2 tablespoons), and honey (4 tablespoons) to the hair to prevent a dry scalp, and then wash it out with a mild shampoo after 30 minutes. Also, a mixture of egg, yogurt, amla, and lemon juice effectively treats dry and irritated scalp post Holi.

Caring For Your Hair Extensions

Caring for your Diva Divine hair extensions

Wash your clip in hair extensions carefully


If you plan to play Holi while wearing your Hair Extensions clipped in, follow the instructions below to protect your natural hair extensions from imminent damage.

●     Brushing & Washing

The first, and possibly most important, step is to brush out your extensions before wetting them. This lessens the chance of your hair getting tangled. We advise shampooing each weft twice: once before and once after using a hydrating, alcohol- and sulfate-free conditioner. You can even skip the shampoo and only use the conditioner to co-wash your extensions!

●     Condition Them With A Hair Mask

This step is essential to maintaining the moisture level of your hair extensions. Using your conditioner, take a generous amount of the hair mask and work it into each weft from top to bottom. Before putting your extensions in a very tight cap to let the product soak in and do its magic overnight, bundle and thoroughly coil them.

●     Rinse Them Thoroughly

The following morning, thoroughly rinse each weft to remove any conditioner buildup from the hair.

●     Air-Dry

Start by gently squeezing the extensions to remove any extra water, being careful not to rub them dry with a towel. When possible, we advise air-drying your extensions.


We hope these tips would help you by protecting your hair and hair extensions this Holi and will not dampen your spirits. For professional help with your hair extensions post Holi you can always visit one of our stores and get professional advice from our experts.

Enjoy and have a safe and colorful Holi.


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