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Article: Signs That Are Telling You To Get New Pair Of Hair Extensions ASAP!!!

Get new hair extensions from Diva Divine hair extensions

Signs That Are Telling You To Get New Pair Of Hair Extensions ASAP!!!

There comes a time when everything has to end. And your beloved hair extensions, who have given you some of the best dates and all the attention from your loved ones, are no different. It may be time that you bid goodbyes to your hair extensions and pave the way for a fresh new set of hair extensions to help you continue with fantastic hair for all your special occasions.

We understand that you have cared for them since the time you got hold of them, but everything has a life, and they have reached their full potential. Below are some signs that tell you that it is time to get yourself a pair of new hair extensions ASAP!

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Diva Divine hair extensions for women last longer than others

Long-lasting hair extensions with Diva Divine

It makes sense to want your new extensions to last as long as possible after purchasing them. To do this, ensure that you are sticking to all of the suggested instructions for caring for your hair extensions. Make sure your extensions are being cleaned, dried, and stored appropriately. You can preserve them in their initial, lovely form in this manner for as long as you can.

The lifespan of your hair extensions depends on a variety of things. How frequently you wear them, how much product you use, and how well you take care of them all influence how long they will last. They often stay between four and six months to a year on average with proper care.   Older hair extensions are more likely to be damaged, full with product buildup, and in dire need of replacement.

Sign 1# Frizzy Hair

Say bye to frizzy hair with Diva Divine hair extensions

Frizzy hair

Have your extensions become irreparably frizzy due to everyday wear and tear? Give your hair extensions a break and put your hair straightener away. Whether or not your wefts are made of real hair, using too much heat can damage, dry out, and frizz them.

Even though hair products can temporarily reduce frizz, they might end up making things worse. Therefore, it's time to switch up your Remy hair extensions and get a new pair when you start seeing frizz that won't go away.

Sign 2# Product Buildup

Regular wash to stay away from product buildup

Wash your extensions regularly to remove product build up

The product can still accumulate on your hair extensions even after routinely washing and maintaining them.  They become so difficult to wash out once they are covered in countless layers of styling products that the effort is no longer worthwhile.

The buildup of hair products is typically more noticeable at the wefts of the human hair extension. It is time for a new set of hair extensions if routine cleaning is no longer effective.

Sign 3# Matting Of The Hair

Don't let your Diva Divine hair extensions matt

Keep them tangle free

To keep your extensions neat and tangle-free, you shouldn't constantly fight them. Matting, regardless of its cause, excessive product usage, or a few restless nights, can ruin both your natural hair and your hair extensions. Frequently, lusterless pieces and impossible-to-untangle knots are sufficient justification for getting a new pair of hair extensions.

Sign 4# Split Ends

No split ends with Diva Divine human hair extensions

Cut them out

Yes, split ends can be a problem, even with hair extensions. In fact, they frequently stand out more in hair extensions than in natural hair.

Additionally, there is sadly no treatment for split ends. So when you have split ends, It's time to say goodbye to your worn-out, damaged wefts and welcome your brand-new, fresh set of hair extensions.

Sign 5# Styling Products Not Effective

Use only the best products for Diva Divine hair extensions

Use what suits your extensions

You will have to say bye-bye to the idea of wearing beachy curls if your hair extensions no longer hold the style.  Hair extensions are less likely to respond to styling in the same manner they once did, as they receive more wear and tear and lots of products.

Consider buying a new set of hair extensions if your curling iron is beginning to behave more like a hair straightener.


Now you know the signs that repeatedly tell you that it’s time for a fresh new pair of hair extensions, look no further and head straight to a Diva Divine store near you or place your order online on our website.

Coz happy hair is happy you!





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