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Article: Will Washing Clip-In Hair Streaks Fade Highlights?

Will Washing Clip-In Hair Streaks Fade Highlights?

Will Washing Clip-In Hair Streaks Fade Highlights?

Clip-in streaks are the simplest, quickest, and safest way to add length, volume, and style in minutes. Clip-in hair streaks already have clips attached; this means you can take the wefts and clip them into your hair without any additional costs, time, or professional assistance. They are the ideal solution for those who want thicker and longer hair instantly, without the hassle, long-term commitment, or breaking the bank. So What exactly are clip-ins? Clip-ins are made up of several contoured hair strands that are kept together at the base using silicone or fabric. The method of connecting the extensions is so simple that most people can do it on their own. All that is necessary is to clip it to one's natural hair strands and arrange it so that the extensions are not visible.

Now that clip-in streaks and highlights are available, you don't have to worry about damaging your hair while getting it colored or highlighted. This is a common fear among many women who want to highlight their hair but are afraid to do so. However, there are minimal stigmas connected with clip-ins and hairstreaks. Are clip-ins, for example, washable? How frequently can you wash it? In reality, many consumers have no idea how to wash these beauties and make them last longer. What about the brightly colored ones? How should the unique ones be cared for? amid all of this commotion, Many ladies are hesitant to use these products. The worry stems from the old conventional techniques of highlights, which needed a minimum of 48-72 hours before washing your hair, but this is no longer necessary with ready-made colored highlight hair streaks and clip-ins.  

 Clip-In Hair Streaks Fade Highlights

You're not alone if you're concerned about colors running when you wash your hair extensions. The clip-in hair extensions you're wearing are freshly colored before being packaged and shipped to you. If you wash your hair extensions for the first time, some of the more vibrantly colored hair extensions will most likely bleed the first few times. This will undoubtedly apply to the red and black hair extensions. Avoid using hot water and harsh chemicals, and instead, treat your better half to healthy hair products that will add shine and luster while keeping your hair as good as new.

Because the color on the hair extensions is still fresh, bleeding of these red and black (as well as other strong colors) is normal. Don't worry; wearing hair extensions will not cause your hair color to fade significantly. Because clip-in hair streaks highlights can cause dye transfer onto fabrics, use caution when wearing lighter colors or resting against lighter-colored furnishings. There isn't much of a fuss about these colored products because there may be some discoloration at first, but that's typical. This discoloration can be caused by various reasons, including chemicals in the water, which vary depending on location. When it comes to making your hair color stay longer, using different shampoos and hair products is also important.

How To Wash Clip-In Streaks Hair Extension?

How To Wash Clip-In Streaks

The benefit of clip-in streaks is that they do not absorb your natural hair's oils, so you do not have to wash them as frequently because they are not attached to your scalp. Also, you don't need to use a lot of product on them because they don't smell or get damaged from normal wear. 

You will eventually need to shampoo your hair. Because various products require different directions, be sure to listen to your stylist and ask questions. If you have any questions concerning showers, feel free to contact the experts! There are no silly questions when it comes to hair, and if just one of them helps keep your highlights looking fantastic for longer, you'll be pleased you asked. Depending on how frequently you wear them, you can wash your hair in a few simple steps using the following tips.

  1. Align your extensions, so they all face the same direction and wrap around each other. Begin with the one clip wefts, then fold over the two clip wefts, three clip wefts, four clip wefts, and so on - similar to how they are bundled together when you first start.
  2. Once you've assembled them all, use a hair tie to keep them together and intact.
  3. Then, using a loop hair extension brush, brush them out to prevent further tangles.
  4. Wet them with lukewarm water, then wash them with a sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo. Repeat this step if necessary, but usually, one quarter-size shampoo dollop will suffice. Rinse thoroughly after shampooing.
  5. Apply a similar type of sulfate-free conditioner after shampooing and leave it on for a few minutes. We can get both shampoo and conditioner at diva divine hair extensions and wigs
  6. After a few minutes, rinse the conditioner thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove any residue from your hairstreaks. 
  7. After completely rinsing out the hair extensions, pat dry with a towel, never rub your hair dry as this will damage the texture and cause it to tangle.
  8. You can either let the hair dry on top of the towel or hang the extensions to dry using a hanger for prominent drying.
  9. You can use a live-in conditioner before drying, but it is not required.
  10. We don't recommend blow-drying your hair to dry if you can avoid it, but if you want to wear your hair clip-ins right away and want to dry them quickly, use the heat-protectant spray to extend your lifespan hairstreaks whenever you use a thermal styling tool.

If you take appropriate care of these babies and avoid the aforementioned mistakes, I am confident you will not need to replace your hair clip on a regular basis. 

Clip-in hairstreaks and highlights allow you to get your desired look effortlessly. Protect them against harm and help them last longer by treating them with the care and attention they require and following the procedures outlined in this guide. This way, you may not only guarantee that they are clean, but also that their moisture and gloss are restored.

Things To Avoid To Make Hair Color Last Longer

Things To Avoid To Make Hair Color Last Longer

1. Washing Your Streaks Too Much

Excessive washing is the most common cause of premature color fade. This is due to the chemicals in hair color making our hair more susceptible to water.

If your hair does not become oily, wash it every other day or even every three days, or you can use dry shampoo in between the washes to keep it clean and dry. If you only use shampoo two to three times per week, use sulfate-free formulas and experiment with a cream cleanser a couple of times per week to gently cleanse the hair and scalp without disturbing the cuticles, which will help keep the highlights color to last.

2. Using A Heat Protectant 

Using A Heat Protectant

When working with hot tools, heat protection is a must. Heat styling can damage the cuticle, causing hair to become frazzled, dry, damaged, and broken over time.

Because of the unhealthy cuticle, the heat from the tools will damage the cuticle and cause the color to fade. Any product that provides thermal protection and moisture protection is highly recommended for protecting the life of your hairstreaks.

3. Do Not Use Hot Water

Even if you use the best shampoo for your hair type, water is a major cause of fading; the cooler the water temperature when washing your hair, the better.

If your water is too hot, your hair cuticles will open for a longer period, and the color will fade. I always recommend washing your hair in lukewarm water to help your color last longer. Here's a tip for doing fast hair treatment at home. As stated in the preceding paragraph, wash your hair with warm water. Rinse with warm water as well, then apply conditioner or a hair care cream and cover with a heated steamed cloth for 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Ssshhhh...this tip comes from a hair guru who happens to be my particular favorite.

4. Daily Styling

Daily Styling

Excessive heat, such as that used in styling, can damage the molecules in hair color. Color fading increased dramatically as the industry introduced higher heat irons, so look for tools that only reach a safe temperature for color-treated hair. Take about 10-20 minutes on wash day to do a deep condition treatment because this will help repair and restore your strands by replacing the moisture that they lost as they became damaged. The important thing to remember is that using heat is acceptable as long as it is used sparingly. While preserving your hair with hydration and nutrients, use a low setting.

But I'm going to let you in on a little secret that will allow you to protect your natural hair color while still getting those highlights without damaging your natural hair. Diva Divine's clip-in Hilites streaks add color to your hair whenever and wherever you want. Clip them into your hair, and you're ready to spread the rainbow! Choose between the single clip and triple clip hair highlighters. These are simple to use and instantly add color to your hair, giving it the appearance of being highlighted!

5. Use SPF To Protect Your Hair From UV Rays

Wear a hat if you have a sunroof or are constantly outside because the sun fades color and exposes the remaining natural pigments, which are usually brassy and unwanted tones. The sun emits harmful UVA/UVB rays, which can also cause hair damage. The good news is that avoiding this is simple. Invest in SPF-containing hair products or spray a small amount of sunscreen on your hair. The objective with hair is to preserve it from bleaching and to avoid moisture loss. When it comes to hair, the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that we see in our skin sunscreens is irrelevant. The objective with hair is to preserve it from bleaching and to avoid moisture loss. When it comes to hair, the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that we see in our skin sunscreens is irrelevant. So, just as you would get the finest sun protection for your skin, I recommend getting the best sun protection for your hair as well.

These are some basic maintenance hacks you can follow to extend the life of your color streaks and highlights. Remember that what we take care of lasts longer, so if you love your colorful clip-in streaks and want them to last longer, don't overlook these vital hair care recommendations.

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