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7 Most Common Questions About Hair Highlights

7 Most Common Questions About Hair Highlights

Highlights are multicolored streaks with a contrasting base color. A stripe, often known as a highlight in the hair, is created by coloring out tiny strips of hair. The colored sections are then covered with foils, so the dye does not dry out or come in contact with the base color.  There are various techniques for dyeing your hair, and highlights are a popular choice. The purpose of highlights is to imitate the impact of the sun on your hair. Who wouldn't want the flawless, gleaming,...

Everything You Need to Know About Diva Divine Hair Toppers

Everything You Need to Know About Diva Divine Hair Toppers

Have you stopped socializing just to hide your shining scalp that's the result of constant hair thinning and falling in great amounts? Do you silently know that your dull and limp hair needs quick attention but you feel helpless and can’t do anything? Do you lack confidence in admitting that your hair isn’t that what you need? If you’re nodding your head...

Hair Extension

Top Hair Extension Crimes You Should Stop Committing Right Away!

How do you think your favorite celebrities or B'town divas go from a bob to long beachy waves overnight for their red carpet looks? Hair extensions are the key behind those edgy, glamorous looks that you fall for. You can sport hair extensions to make your hair look on point and emulate their looks to satiate your desire to have long luscious locks.  If you already have long tresses, then we envy you. But for those (like the majority of women) who lack length, shine, and volume, hair extensions are the best bet. They are not just leveraged for adding longer and fuller hair; you can also wear them to experiment with different...

Short Haircuts For Wavy Hair

13 Feminine Short Haircuts For Wavy Hair: Trending Right Now

A short wavy hairstyle is a women's haircut with waves that run from the jaw to the collarbone. Wavy haircuts are amazing since they require very little upkeep. With endless ways to style long wavy...

A Comprehensive Guide On Weave Hair Extensions: How to Install And Remove

Weave Hair Extension: Installation and Removal Like a Pro

You've probably heard the term "Weave Hair Extensions" a million times and still have no idea what it is. And you must have come here with the same desire to learn more about hair weave. If you are new to Weave Extensions, you are in the right place!  What Is Weave Hair Extension? Braid your hair into cornrows for hair weave A weave is a hair extension installing technique that involves sewing the extension or weft pieces into the hair. The hair of the wearer...

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