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Article: 7 Piece Hair Extensions vs 1 Piece - What To Choose?

7 Piece Hair Extensions vs 1 Piece - What To Choose?

7 Piece Hair Extensions vs 1 Piece - What To Choose?

If someone from your group walked into the restaurant with 'waist skimming gorgeous hair' at a friends' reunion, your eyes would be all on their beautiful hair. If she got ‘that length and volume,' it must be the art of volumizers like 7 Piece or One Piece Clip in Extensions. These two extensions add volume to different parts of your head. If your friend has turned from fine-haired to a thick-haired lady, she must have used 7 Piece Clip-ins, and if her hair at the back is so rich, then it's a One piece clip-in.  

Now, for you are confused about choosing either a 7 Piece Clip-in or One Piece Clip-in, you should consider the thickness of your hair. Contemplate how you want to look and ask yourself a question. Do I want fuller-looking hair? Or is it my hair at the back that just lacks volume and length? Understanding the nature of your hair and asking a few questions will help you get the right one. 

However, we came up with an article to help you choose the right clip in hair extension. This article will guide you in understanding the two types of clip-ins (7 Piece and One Piece Clip-ins), their features, and how they work with your natural hair. 

What Are 7 Piece Clip-In Extensions?

Clip-in extensions

7 Piece Clip-in Hair Extension
If you are born with naturally fine hair, 7 Piece Clip-ins will help you add thickness and volume. The package comes with seven wefts specially designed for different parts of your head – back and sides. Usually, the piece meant for your back comes with a bigger weft with more clips. 7 Piece Clip-in consists of four smaller wefts (two per each side) with a minimum of two clips for sides, and each of 2 clips, 3 clips, and 4 clips weft for the back. A 7 Piece Clip-ins covers the whole adding volume to your fine hair. 

Before purchasing, remember to consider the hair type of the extension 7 Piece made of Remy virgin human hair is the finest quality to get on the market. They are a lot better than synthetic hair in terms of styling versatility, natural feel, and look.

Why Choose 7 Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions?

7 Piece Clip-in Hair Extensions
7 Piece Clip-in Hair Extensions

Although we discussed a little bit about a 7 Piece, there are reasons for more women using this extension globally. It offers everything that a fine-haired woman needs.

The Ultimate Full Hair

Wonder how celebrities pull off long ethereal hair with high volume? It is unbelievable, right? Well, to be honest, a lot of them don't have natural hair to style those humanly impossible hairstyles. So, they often rely on hair extensions and wigs. If you want a creamy head full of glossy voluminous hair just like them, you should invest in 7 Piece Clip-ins. It can make your fine hair look fuller, vibrant, and beautiful.

Look Anew

Are you tired of throwing your fine wispy hair here and there to achieve the ultimate new look? True, fine hair can run out of amazing new looks. Of course, there are ways to style fine hair, but it does not offer styling options as much as thick hair does. To step up your hair game, add a lot of thickness with 7 Piece Clip-in Extensions. So, you can go for wild, carefree waves or straight, silky hair with Human Hair clip-In Extensions! Especially those made of virgin human hair will allow you to style them just like your hair. 

Flexible And Versatile

Since the set comes with 7 separate pieces, you can use all of them at once or choose to use a few pieces. You can wear a few pieces where you want to add volume – sides or the back. This clip-in hair extension gives the freedom to have fuller hair as you like. If you want waist skimming long hair at the back, clip in the bigger wefts. 

Coverage Of A 7 Piece Clip-In Hair Extension

7 Piece clip-in hair extension
Coverage of a 7 Piece clip-in hair extension

The coverage of the 7 Piece Clip-in is massive. It goes all the way around on your head, adding volume and length. If you think your natural hair is never enough, get your hands on 7 Piece Clip-ins – You will have voluminous hair instantly!

What Are One Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions?

One piece Clip-in hair extensions

One piece Clip-in hair extensions

One Piece Clip-In Hair Extension

One Piece Clip-ins is more about changing your hair at the back. If you are bored of wearing short and medium hair, clip a one piece extension. Many high-end retailers offer One Piece that runs from ear to ear, covering the whole area at the back of your head. This is how you achieve waist-skimming, voluminous hair in ten minutes. 

Why Choose One Piece Clip-In Hair Extension?

Those who adore long and voluminous hair at the back choose One Piece Hair Extensions. Let's find out! Apart from the volume and length, here are more reasons why they fancy this extension.

Volume And Length At The Back

More volume and length at the back is an obvious and imperative reason why people love this product. One Piece Clip-ins come in handy for those women who are engaged in events and gatherings frequently. If you have any big events coming, order your One Piece Clip-ins right now. Got to go for a wedding, prom, or a date night? This volumizer will push you into the limelight. 

Swift And Easy Application

Applying a One Piece Clip-in is very quick and easy compared to the 7 Piece Clip-in. Since the set comes with only a piece, you can wear it at the back of your head in just a few minutes. Sectioning hair at the back and clipping it will take you a maximum of only ten minutes. 

Coverage Of One Piece Clip-In Hair Extensions

One Piece Clip-ins cover the whole backside of your head. Usually, it is long enough to clip behind one ear to another ear. The sole purpose of this volumizer is to boost volume and length at the back, so it does not boost your hair at the sides. If you want to add volume to the sides of your head, you can use smaller wefts from the 7 Piece Clip-in set. 


Since the One Piece set is engineered in one weft, they will cost much cheaper than the 7 Piece Clip-in set. You can avail of a high-quality virgin human hair One Piece Extension at an affordable rate. 

Plenty Of Options On The Market

7 Piece and One Piece Hair Extensions are available in various textures, colors, lengths, and densities to suit your preferences. You can choose according to your liking to achieve a perfect look. If you want to change your hair color, you may go for a brighter toned extension. If you want to preserve your natural hair look, choose the one that matches your hair tone and texture. 


This article helps you understand types of hair extensions based on the quantity. You need to know the different types of volumizers to get the extension that suits your preferences. If you are ready to choose hair extensions, understand the practical benefits of these volumizers apart from clip-in, tape-ins, and Weave Hair Extensions. Whether to choose a 7 Piece Clip-in and a One Piece Clip in hair extension may depend on the thickness of your hair and preferences. So, know your hair, and use this article as a guide to choose either a 7 Piece or One Piece Hair Extension.

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