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Article: An Extensive Guide to Hair Extensions


An Extensive Guide to Hair Extensions

Is your hair dull, limp, or flat that looks like what you might call thin sticks? Does it go against every haircare product or technique that you‘ve tried to get beautiful, full-bodied manes? Wish you could get long and strong locks without waiting for your hair to grow naturally?

Actually, it’s easier than you think to achieve thicker and lengthier tresses overnight - you just need Hair Extensions. They are incredibly easy to use and give you an instant makeover with little to no effort. You can place and manipulate them the way you want. Fortuntaley, these brilliant additions are inconspicuous and can not be seen at all if installed correctly. 

Apart from adding length and fullness, they also allow you to get experimental with different hair styling options. So whether you’re eyeing beachy summer waves, luscious curls, braids, or simply ponytails, there’s no limit to hairstyling options when it comes to hair extensions. The best part about installing hair extensions is that they cut down on the hours and money you would otherwise be investing in your hair. It’s better to find out everything about hair extensions before taking the plunge. Here’s a quick sneak peek into common questions related to hair extensions. 

What are the Major Types of Hair Extensions?

If you are new to the world of hair extensions, you need to know about the different types of hair extension methods available in the market. Here’s a quick guide that will help you identify the suitable method for your hair type and after-care routine that matches your lifestyle.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair ExtensionsClip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the quickest and easiest temporary hair extension method to get longer and thicker hair instantly. You can easily apply them using toupee-like clips in nearly 10 minutes and get longer and fuller hair. These extensions are attached to a base weft with sewn clips, which, once clipped, blend seamlessly into your hair. They don’t require heat, glue, or any other sort of chemicals to sit on your hair. 

If you are considering wearing Clip-in hair extensions regularly, then you must use 100% remy human hair extensions. Human hair extensions allow you the flexibility to heat and style them the way you would handle your natural hair. 

Pro Tip: Always Use heat protectant spray before curling, straightening, or waving them.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in Hair ExtensionsTape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions is another widely used semi-permanent method of hair extensions. You need a professional stylist to install them in your hair. It takes around 1 hour to apply to your hair and a similar time to remove. They are secured to your hair using adhesive glue and are considered to do the least long-term damage to your hair. This semi permanent hair extension method does not cause hair breakage as permanent hair extensions do to your hair.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-In Hair ExtensionsSew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions method is particularly suitable for those who have thick hair. Weaves are either braided and sewn to your natural hair with a needle and thread or are applied using the Micro-ring method. They often cause tension to hair that only thick or heavily textured hair can bear. However, if your hair is thin and lacks strength, then getting sew-in extensions may not be an ideal choice for you.

Which Type of Hair extension should I buy?

 Type of Hair extension should I buy
Type of Hair Extension Should I Buy

Temporary hair extension methods like Clip-ins are great for those looking to amp up their hairstyle for a particular event, occasion or just for the weekend. You can easily put and remove them on your own even without any professional assistance.

If you are disappointed with your hair texture, length or volume and desperately need to add length and volume on a daily basis, then permanent methods are meant for you. Tape-in hair extensions are a great option for those who like experimenting with different hairstyles. 

Should I Buy Synthetic Or Natural Hair Extensions?

Should I Buy Synthetic Or Natural Hair Extensions
Should I Buy Synthetic Or Natural Hair Extensions?

It is recommended that you use hair extensions that are made of 100% human hair to look and feel natural. It is also advisable to use the highest quality hair like remy hair for the seamless finish and appeal. The benefit of using top quality hair extensions is that the hair will last for multiple refits so the cost in the long run is a lot more affordable.

Natural hair extensions allow for diverse heat styling options. You can blow dry your hair,curl or straighten them as per your choice. On the other hand, Synthetic hair does not permit heat styling and looks unnatural. Also, synthetic hair extensions are a lot lighter than natural hair extensions and so they do not bounce the same way. Another drawback of using synthetic hair is that they don't allow for true color matching. 

Do Hair Extensions Harm Your Hair?

Do Hair Extensions Harm Your Hair
Do Hair Extensions Harm Your Hair?

One of the biggest misconceptions about hair extensions is that they cause damage to your hair. If you are visiting a certified stylist to get your hair extensions done, you are making zero possibilities of causing damage to your hair. It doesn’t matter what method of hair extensions you use if your hairstylist is properly trained. Many reputed Hair Salons encourage their stylists to take before and after pictures of clients so you can yourself see the magical hair transformation.

What’s The Current Trend to Wear Hair Extensions?

Hair ExtensionsWhat’s The Current Trend to Wear Hair Extensions

Extensions are mainly used to add length, volume, and thickness to hair. In 2021, it is all about using hair extensions for thickening and volumizing techniques. If you talk about the latest trend in the fashion industry, it’s to look effortlessly natural and beautiful using undetectable methods of upgrading your existing hairstyle. It simply means, if you have a bob cut, you only need to add thickness to the baseline, and if you’ve long hair, then adding extra volume and texture would do justice to your looks. 


Whether you want flirty fringe, sexy beachy waves, luscious curls, or fun braids, every hairstyle is possible with hair extensions. They lay naturally on your scalp, giving you a natural feel that even you forget they are on your head. What's better than adding desired length, volume, and color to your hair without committing long-term change and damage to your hair? Possibly, nothing! With hair extensions, it certainly is!

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