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Article: Ace the 2021 Bridal look using Diva Divine's Bridal Hair extensions

Hair extensions for Bridal Hair

Ace the 2021 Bridal look using Diva Divine's Bridal Hair extensions

Your wedding day is that special day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little princess. It’s no less than a red carpet event where people gather to see you dolled up like a bride. It’s the most special moment where all eyes are stuck on you, and you would certainly want to look your best. Apart from stunning bridal outfit and matching jewelry, bridal hairstyle acts as a game-changer that defines her tasteful elegance and fashion sense. 

When it boils down to bridal hairstyles, there are limitless wedding hairstyling options available, so it gets overwhelming to choose the right one. Bridal hairstyles are intricate. From buns, twists, braids, and ponytails, there’s one thing that is common in all hairstyles is long, thick and voluminous tousled tresses.

You all must have thought among yourself, “How do these brides manage to get long and flowing locks?” Besides the embellishments, texturising spray, and curling rods, hair extensions are seamlessly attached to achieve that stunning bridal hairstyle.If you’re some with limp or barely there hair, you'll need to bank upon hair extensions to get hair of your dreams with minimal effort. Apart from accentuating the much needed length and volume, hair extensions hold waves, curls, or any pattern too well, adding charm to your overall look. 

Hair Extensions for Bridal Hair

Hair Extensions for Bridal Hair
Human hair extensions for natural look & feel

Hair extensions can be of real or synthetic hair. If you want your hair to feel and look natural, stick with human hair extensions.Ideally, Remy hair is considered as the highest grade of real human hair best known for its styling versatility. They can be permed, straightened, and color treated just like your own natural hair. Human hair extensions made of remy hair look completely natural as the hair you get is shiny, silky, soft, and tangle free.  

First things first: opt for human hair rather than synthetic hair to create your final bridal hairstyle. Synthetic hair cannot be coloured, washed, or heat styled. But if you’re looking for an affordable, quick and easy, weather resistant and short term fix, then synthetic hair makes an excellent choice.  They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and length. 

Human hair extensions are also available in various lengths and thicknesses. If you are someone who doesn't mind spending a little extra to look on point, you can consider playing around with human hair extensions to mimic the look of human hair. 

Your wedding day is an amalgamation of both joyous and stressful situations, don’t let your hair add to the trouble. It’s ideal to invest in Clip in hair extensions. They are a tried and tested secret for adding length and volume to your hair. You can also use them to stimulate highlights without damaging your own hair. The best part of using them is that they hold a hairstyle longer than your natural hair, making you look glamorous all day long. Whether you plan to add Clip in Hilities, Clip-in Ponytail Extension, Clip-in Straight or any other pattern, there are a wide range of clip-hair extensions at Diva Divine that every bride should consider. 

Now that you know what hair extensions are perfect for your big day, you must also know how to choose them wisely.

How to pick the right hair extensions for a bride?

  • Firstly, you’ll need to consider the bridal hairstyle you are trying to replicate. It will help you choose the right length and density for your hairstyle. For instance, whether you require a 24’’ in 250grams set or a 22’’ in 200 grams.
  • Secondly, go for real hair rather than affordable synthetic hair that has a lifespan of a few months. You have the choice of heat styling and coloring them.
  • If you already have colored hair, you can find your closest matching color extensions. If you have highlights, then you’ll need to pick human hair extensions in your base color and get it colored by a professional. 

            Note: Synthetic hair shrinks on getting colored.

  • If you have really short hair, then also you can rely on clip in hair extensions for seamlessly blending shooter hair .

Trending Bridal Hairstyles To Try This Wedding Season 

Soft Part with Big Waves

Soft Part with Big Waves    Soft Part with Big Waves

To achieve this classic hair down bridal hairstyle, you’ll need to make curls with big sections all moving in the same direction and then gently brush out the curls. Those brides who wish to keep their hair open can take a cue from this dramatic modish look. This hairstyle will allow you to flaunt your lengthy tresses and keep people smitten all the time with your sheer charm and simplicity. Your bridesmaids can also wear a simple hairstyle that compliments your updo.

Messy Textured Waves with Middle Part

Messy Textured Waves with Middle Part
Messy Textured Waves with Middle Part

Keep your mesmerising long tresses open with the classic brushed out waves for a rather modish look. Such a loose open hairstyle resonates with a playful and fun loving personality. This hairstyle will work best when paired with a minimal dress and elegant theme. It’s super easy to carry all day long owing to its nature of messy hairdo.

Low Side Bun with Side Sweep Hairstyle

 Bun with Side Sweep Hairstyle
Low Side Bun with Side Sweep Hairstyle

A scintillating low side bridal bun with a puffy crown can be amped up with a variety of roses and faux floral pins. This hairstyle features a puffy low side bun with a long side sweeping wave that makes for a voluminous and utterly Stunning Bridal Hairstyle. You can add clip-in hair extensions to add extra volume and length to your hair. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

A cross sectional flower accented braid 

A cross sectional flower accented braid
A Cross Sectional Flower Accented Braid

How about the idea of going all elaborate with a voluminous cross sectional bridal braid?This loosely weaved neat braid is a simple, sleek and elegant hairstyle that goes really well with Indian bridal look. You can beautify your braid with pastel hued flowers and adorn it with dainty golden pins to give a unique look to your hairstyle.

Half Back Bridal Braid

Half Back Bridal Braid
Half Back Bridal Braid Hairstyle

Deck up your basic braid with gajras and whimsical flowers to achieve this stunning and easy bridal hairstyle.You simply need to wave your hair in different directions and make a half braid by taking hair from both sides and meeting them in the middle. Give that extra bridal volume to your hair by adding extensions to them. Finalize your look by using a texturising spray to let the waves sit in a similar fashion. 

Side-swept Ponytail

Side-swept Ponytail
Side-Swept Ponytail

Real beauty lies in simplicity. This side-swept curly Ponytail hairstyle adorned with flowers is the perfect example of the same! This hairstyle is for those brides who want to up the oomph factor. No better way to wear this hairstyle than donning it with a fabulous white lace gown.


To make your hair look more stunning than ever, opt for hair extensions that perfectly highlight the thick hair volume and oh-so gorgeous lengthy hair at the back. We bet people can’t stop looking at you when you wear these head turning bridal hairstyles. Hope your search for the most elegant and edgy hairstyle ends here and you’ve found the perfect one for your wedding! 

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