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Article: Busting Myths And Breaking Taboos Arounds Hair Extensions And Wigs

Busting Myths And Breaking Taboos Arounds Hair Extensions And Wigs
Hair Extensions

Busting Myths And Breaking Taboos Arounds Hair Extensions And Wigs

Hair is a confidence booster for women, yet both temporary and permanent hair loss can tremendously harm women's self-esteem. This is when extensions and wigs come in handy. They are available in various lengths, textures, and colors.

However, if you search online for information on hair extensions and wigs, we bet you have encountered a slew of adverse publicity. This might generate a lot of uncertainty and make you hesitate to try out hair extensions and wigs.

Today, we'll debunk several myths concerning hair extensions and wigs. You'll love hair extensions and wigs just as much as the others towards the end!

Myth 1: Hair Extensions & Wigs Are Only For Vanity

 Hair extensions and wigs go beyond vanity

Many assume that full hair is a luxury, not a need. However, approximately 40% of women detect some hair loss by the age of 35. Numerous hair thinning and hair loss issues are reversible, and in some situations, your hair can begin to recover.

That's why women choose human hair wigs and extensions created to blend in with their natural hair to achieve great thickness without damaging their existing hair as a better alternative for coping with thinning hair.

You can use hair extensions and wigs for medical purposes based on your hair needs and installation procedures.

Myth 2: Hair Extensions & Wigs Damage Hair

Hair extensions & wigs will only boost your confidence

This is a common myth surrounding hair extensions and wigs. Most women are hesitant to try them out for fear of serious harm. It's crucial to understand that hair extensions and wigs installed by a professional will not affect your hair.

Human hair wigs and extensions like tape-ins and strand by strand bonded extensions are known for being one of the safest and the most long-lasting ones. To maintain your natural hair and prevent potential hair damage, it is critical to stick to a hair care program.

You can visit one of Diva Divine Hair Extensions & Wigs' boutiques if you don't feel comfortable installing wigs or extensions yourself. Professional hair stylists will assist you from start to finish, and guide you on the care and maintenance of the hair extensions and wigs.

Myth 3: Hair Extensions & Wigs Will Halt Hair Growth

Wigs and extensions do not halt hair growth

Wigs and hair extensions have no impact on hair growth at all. Hair grows half an inch a month on average and will continue to do so whether you use them or not. In fact, wigs & extensions are frequently used by women striving to grow their natural hair to the desired length - they fill in the gaps as your hair grows.

However, you'll be astonished at how obvious your hair grows with some types of extensions in a short amount of time. And, as your hair grows, you'll need to get your extensions renewed every few months or so.

Myth 4: The Hair Extensions Will Be Noticeable



Get them installed by professionals for a realistic look

Human hair extensions installed by a specialist use the most up-to-date technology, are professionally color-matched and integrate smoothly into your hair. This means they're virtually undetectable, and the wefts or beads won't be seen either, thanks to the stylist's blending skills!

Myth 5: Everyone Will Know You're Wearing A Wig

Nobody will know the difference

As previously stated, hair is a confidence booster for women, and many women are hesitant to wear a wig because they are afraid it will look unrealistic. Wigs like those from Diva Divine are manufactured with real human hair, allowing you to disguise hair loss while maintaining a natural and realistic appearance.

And similar to extensions, when a professional installs human hair wigs, NO ONE WILL KNOW you are wearing a wig! With lace front wigs and machine-made wigs from Diva Divine, you can rest assured that the units will provide a natural look. The lace will provide the appearance of hair growing from the scalp.

Myth 6: Hair Extensions & Wigs Will Damage Your Scalp

Chemical and damage-free

It's natural to be concerned about wearing hair extensions or wigs if you have hair thinning or female pattern hair loss for fear of hurting your hair and your scalp, and the negative publicity online doesn't put your mind at ease!

As long as you use proper adhesives to install your wig and keep your scalp clean and moisturized, wigs and extensions won't damage your scalp. You can even wear a wig cap for additional protection underneath your wig.

You can start with Diva Divine's human hair toppers if you still feel doubtful. They provide coverage and volume and boost your confidence at the same time!


Your hair dreams don't have to be a fantasy anymore. Now that these myths are debunked, consult with reputable hair expansionists from one of Diva Divine’s salons,  to determine the best kind, shade, and procedure for your special hair needs, or visit their website to take home one of the best & safest confidence boosters!

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